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Oval Anus & 3 Years…

December 12th, 2018

While Orange Anus Plays at WWF wrestling & Mugging For the Camera With Democrats (Distraction) as the “heel” in some “bad” indy shocky ring The “Rest” of the world watches Cohen get 3 years for doing the bidding of a known felon crime slug. And to Add to the failed Shithole life that IS #45, […]

Don’t fall for the Trump Distractions. His tweets do Not Mean Shit. Mueller having everything on (Yes, it is) him & his criminal Fraud Fucks is the key. And so on the front……It’s All over now. Mueller knows it all. We already Told ya that here a Long time ago Just got back from London […]

Wisconsin Republicans Are Trying To Take Power away BEFORE the elected Governor, a Democrat (We know) takes office. Wow, they are all like 1 Dimensional 80’s movie villains these days. They are also now trying the Same Stunts in Michigan, Georgia and North Carolina. Good Gravy this is disgusting shit The DOW Is Taking A […]

“Very Cool, Very Legit”…

December 3rd, 2018

In Today’s Episode of “Trumpy Melts Down On Twitter”, his Orangeness Decided to spew even (Blurf!) more bullshit lies Hanging himself worse. Fine by me. It’s a clear Case of “witness tampering” You know, the shit that really pissed off Robert Mueller When MANAFORT did it?!?!?! Yeah well as that last few Grains of Sand […]

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