Oval Anus & 3 Years…

December 12th, 2018

While Orange Anus Plays at WWF wrestling

& Mugging For the Camera With Democrats


as the “heel” in some “bad” indy shocky ring

The “Rest” of the world watches Cohen get 3

years for doing the bidding of a known felon

crime slug. And to Add to the failed Shithole

life that IS #45, he didn’t Show up to “Work”

today yet as of 3pm. Ooooooooooooooooops

BTW-sorry about not posting yesterday, I’ve

family in Town & will be done for the year in

a few days. Enjoy it while you Can…if you all


actually do, and know you are very cool folks

Have A Great Holiday And New Years. Peace!

NOTE: May Survives Political Vote Challenge And
Can Not Be Challenged Again For 12 Months Oops
She Will Be ‘Unable’ To Deliver The Votes On This
And To That, I Say GOOD. Brexit Should Be Gone

Have a day!

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