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As We Approach…

May 23rd, 2020

The terrifying, “grim”, historically horrific milestone of 100,000 deaths due to this Dangerous Virus, we (We Know) currently Have NO Leadership From Trump/all his lacky’s. In fact, he/they don’t care. While the rest of Twitter wants to make Joe Biden’s gaffe with a rapper Charlamagne Tha God an issue. It is really just distraction. The […]

The Orange Anus Yells, Lies, Abuses, lies again, Cries, whines, lies again, then runs. It’s the same behavioral (<-Lie Factory) pattern of Sociopathic Children. And now, he’s trying to Claim States Can’t Do “Mail In Voting”. Ahem, Yes they sure Can. And Orange Sludge Fat Baby Can’t Do a fucking THING about it. NADA. It’s […]

94,994 Dead & Phase 3…

May 20th, 2020

While the lying Orange Anus plays games, the rest of the “World Dies”. He, Republicans in power and (We Know) all right wing Conservatives do, NOT, CARE. They simply Don’t Anymore. In Fact, Maybe they Never Really Did. Only Republican Left Is Mitt Romney & that’s about it. As Trump¬†immolates daily, the rest of the […]

Things have gotten so bad, now FOX has turned against Trump. Well, More Like They Decided to (No Shit!) accept reality vs a fatloud racist child who won’t No matter, Reality believes in him. And while he Is “Playing” with Citizens Lives, he Couldn’t care less About minority communities. Yeah you read that right. And […]

At We Reach a New Grim Milestone That No one wishes ever happened at 91,751 lives lost, a fat (<-Lying asshole) loud lying racist asshole is still spewing all his idiotic Bullshit. 36 Million People Are Out of a job. And Trumps response? So What?!?! Fuck off! He is a fraud, a liar, a nothing […]

Dr. Rick Bright went to DC today to testify about the ‘Dire’ Response Problems To COVID19. While (<-Hero) most House Reps asked him Rational thoughtful questions…Leave it to REPUBLICANS to make it a partisan Lying Shit Show. They “attacked” him for no Rational Reason other than political dumb fuckery. This Pandemic ISN’T Political. It Is […]

Yes, we sadly have 85,197 dead from the harsh virus And What “has” Trump/His Administration done about (We Know) it? Well, Nothing For the 1st 2 Months. Now, they are scared Trying to Catch Up to This Pandemic. At every turn trump fucked this up, didn’t care, lied, played at politics While ignoring This Crisis/deaths. […]

Dr. Fauci Testified today to the Senate Explaining how “opening too quickly” will cause this to be so (“Ah no, dumbasses!”) much WORSE. He made it Clear, he Spoke of the best CDC Practices he used facts. And that really “Bothered” Republican, Rand “Squirrel Nest Hair” Paul. See, Rand didn’t have a “Virus” or Scientific […]

We now have 81,545 dead from this dangerous virus. And We Have ZERO Leadership Currently (Run Away!) in the United States At the Federal level. Why’s that you ask?!? Because we have a lying, racist, & Utter fucking MORON in Charge of this Entire non-response/process. Shit got so bad today In his “Deluded Circus” he […]

20.5 Million People Have lost their jobs. It Is the HIGHEST ever since the “Great Depression”. It is (<-Nope, You) Now Trumps Depression. Ask Hoover How That went for him At the Polls. To add 2 our troubles we’re losing More Citizens To COVID And these people matter. James Carville called it best with the […]

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