Today’s Cool Space X launch was Scrubbed as

we lose 101,895 good people to this Evil Virus


we are Reminded of One Thing; Rump let this

ALL happen. Not just being the Highest death

total but the most cases & terrible testing per

citizen Ratio. And What is His/Republicans big

solution? Rage Tweet On Twuntter & Nothing

Our great nation Has a Black Eye, Busted ribs

& A Shattered leg ALL because of HIM. And It

is having A “Massive” Effect on Every Average

American Living Thru his lunacy. His Poll #ers

Are PLUMMETING At Light Speed. This, Is Not


a political Issue. This is a Medical/Science one

And in Him Ignoring Everything, the only Real

solution’s to Vote his Incompetent Fat ass Out

November 3rd can’t ‘come’ Fast enough for us

Have a “safe” day!

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