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Guilty, Flipped & Disco Fu*ked…

September 29th, 2023

And, here come the Plea Deals Scott Hall, the voting machine (Zing!) Criminal just plead Guilty and flipped. Oooooooof; More Will be comin’ In ALL cases by the days. “IF”, House Republicans (R’s Do!) Shut Down The Government, it ends them all even faster. Fine RIP: Dianne Feinstein has passed away at 90, she Was […]

The Traitor Caucus In the House of Reps headed by All the MAGA (<-Your Shit Show) morons is at it again. Their little Impeachment Inquiry scam was Rolled Out With a Loud Wet Fart Let’s be clear here lastnight was not a ‘debate’. It was a weakass attempt at a lil cheap distraction (No shit!) […]

Tonight, the Entire GQP Pile of lyin hateful idiots, will attempt (Ha, sure!) to ‘debate’. There is no debate here to have; they still support TFG/Would Vote for him, even After Committing Treason with Jan 6th Damning His followers attack the capitol. They will all (No shit!) saying nothing. They only want Tax Cuts/ Deregulation, […]

Judge Rules & Pro-Union Joe…

September 26th, 2023

A New York Judge Said “Trump Committed Financial fraud and (Busted!) He Inflated Assets(lied)”. Ooof The Legal Hits To This Criminal asshole will Keep on coming, & it will get WAY worse. See with each new Trial Comes more Jail Time. It Also Means More Legal (Bye!) fee’s he can’t Afford. All the Lies & […]

Republican’s In Congress Offer Nothing Voters want. The only (Yup!) things they can do: tax cuts for Top 1%, Hate Laws & Shut Our entire Government Down tryin to cause Harm to Our Country They’ve All ‘Made’, Themselves Un-Electable. And now, It Gets (No shit!) even worse; we have actual R’s Who Commit Treason/Sedition By […]

Garland Circus, D’s Win Big…

September 21st, 2023

House Republican’s, In Their usual attempt to hurt voters (<-Not playing) all across ‘Merica decided to Play “Let’s Beat Up Garland” Theater today it Didn’t work Aside from abject Lies or BS ‘Partisan Attacks’, all The R’s Offered Nothing Factual, It’s (True) Their MO & it ‘doesn’t’ Help Any Voters with Real issues And Dems […]

Gag Order & Clark Barred…

September 19th, 2023

It Seems TFG Is so Unable to control “itself” that way more (Yup!) legal problems are comin’ it’s way with A New Lil gag order No, not gagball, but that is so good Thinking. The legal Shit is Coming nonstop & he/they Deserve ALL of This for Their (No shit!) “Criming”. It’s Consequences And Jeffery […]

Cheese Bro/Powell Separated…

September 14th, 2023

Judge McAfee ruled that Cheesey Bro & Kraken Powell will Be Tried (“Trial nap!”) Together. The other 17 will All Be Tried in Another Trial. This Works logistically Because they want the speedy Trial they have A right too But won’t Like the Outcome. They never Will. And, in Only What Can (Yup!) be called […]

Craven Kevin Caves & Losing It…

September 12th, 2023

In what can only be called the Most “Craven”, Ignorant Move (“I’m F’ed!”) In ‘Political History’, Kevin Mac “Maga’s Lil’ Bitch” just tried to make an impeachment inquiry outta fat air with no vote. WTF Ohhhhh boy is this going to so backfire on them all. Forget ya (Yup) just “handed” all DC chambers back […]

Morocco Quake & Legal BS…

September 11th, 2023

Morocco shook as the entire world Witnessed The Violent Collapse of (Be Strong!) buildings/Cities/Lives. Our hearts break & The World will stand with The Effected people Of Marrakesh Rescue and Search Squads are all workin’ tirelessly 2 find/save lives These Are Most Terrifying Days In (No, do something) ‘Natural Disasters’. Move…Quickly Mark Meadows tries hack […]

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