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Every sane citizen knows the cause of The Civil War in America Was Slavery (“Racists Love me!”) Period. It Wasn’t Economic, It Wasn’t States Rights, Or “Freedom”. It was a Treasonous pile of Racist Traitors who Wanted to OWN Other Human Beings And yet, NiKKKi agrees with all those racists cause they’re her voters & […]

Hope you all are having such kick ass Holiday’s this year & ready To (With a vengeance!) Ring In 2024! Speaking Of Ready To Ring in; the “Fake Electors” in MI are “Turning”, On Each Other faster than All “siblings” at a will reading over $. A MI fake elector ‘spilled the beans’ on Their […]

TFG will not appear on the GOP’s Primary Ballot in Colorado, From (<-He’s a Traitor) State Supreme Court Ruling That Quotes SC Neil Gorsuch, directly addressing why he is not allowed to Be On The Ballot Violating the 14th Amendment; Ooooooooops The SC Has Vital Legal rulings to make Here. None of it is Political […]

While Jack Smith, DOJ, And Pretty much all legal indictments ruin the (Oh yeah!) Orange Anus; Smith’s move 2 take his BS non-legal claim of immunity Directly to The Supreme Court just totally legally smacked them outta Existence, By Stopping Their Delay Game. All Rulings Prior Are Crystal clear: you Aren’t immune from any (Ha […]

The Orange Anus spews more bullshit than a firehose filled with lies, and it’s (Busted!) not Helping Him at all. Not only Does he quote his Hero Hitler¬†he loves him Some Al Capone. Ooooooooof, might want to note Al was broken on a rock In Alcatraz With Syphilis & Eventually dying from a Heart Attack […]

Rudy Owes $148 Million & Busted!

December 15th, 2023

Down Down Down they All go, How Much they Owe Or which (Bye!) jail they go, we don’t yet know Rudy Wasn’t Only found guilty, He ‘Owes’, $148 Million In The damages Dept Ha ha ha ha ha Consequences 4 Hateful Idiots actions in tearin’ two Innocent (<-Criming!) woman’s lives apart for nuthin And more […]

Impeachment Shit Show Scam…

December 14th, 2023

Republican’s not only ‘Tried To Kill’ a nation, they picked treason over the (We Know!) Country. And, In Trying To Impeach a sitting President with no Evidence we see a failed party tellin all voters they, can’t, govern. Period ha ha ha This ‘Idiotic Distraction’ Will Only be a constant reminder of their failures Well, […]

No Immunity For You & Corrupt…

December 12th, 2023

Jack Smith just called Orange Idiots Bluff of Their Failed legal Claim that (Yep, he is!) he Is Immune From Prosecution For his “Direct’ Criminal Roll, In Jan 6th because, he’s not. That’s legally not a “Thing”. And, most all of the Legal Scholars, Are Praising Smith’s Move to Stop The delay tactics by “Orange […]

Butter Knives Out & JOBS!

December 11th, 2023

What Was the GQP all about?! Well It was “Who wants to cut the other Idiots With a Butter Knife to win a shot at nothing”. Ha ha ha ha; it’s so Pathetically, Stupid. They Don’t Stand For Anything Voters Want or have policies to enact aside from a slew of Tax Cuts or racism. […]

Another Day,¬†ANOTHER Mass Shooting that congress/local lawmakers could’ve (No Shit!) done A TON of Things to prevent, and it matters. Republican’s non-solution is to do nothing. Democrats Idea is Common Sense, UBC’s/’Assault Weapons’ Control is What 90%+ Voters/Gun owners want These Senseless Deaths Only Happen in (<-All R’s) America, Due To Republican’s/The NRA It Must […]

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