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See You In 2018…

December 19th, 2017

You guys got the Wheel, don’t drive off A Cliff. Enjoy Your Holidays, and Please (NO Shit!) do remember…never play leap frog with a Unicorn. It really does Hurt. Currently our entire Country is Playing That game with the Exact Same Results. We can all do better Than that. 2018 will show that Have a […]

Republicans insist they have the “votes” to pass the most Toxic tax relief bill that is so (<-Lying Penis Face) really just for The Top 1% while sprinkling in a few for us Common Folks that ALL will expire In say 1-2 years, while the rest are ALL permanent for corporate tax rates. Oh geeeeeeee, […]

Friday Rocks & New Hero…

December 15th, 2017

It’s Friday, go paint a painting, read a (Fart Symphony) great book or even “Fart” a symphony It’s All About YOU Today. Make it Fun Speaking of Fun, I have a new hero & he is Well Spoken, Factual and Honest His Name Is Ady Barkan. He Has ALS, knows the policy Facts, holds all […]

A 57 year old Accused of sexually assaulting a Teen-aged Girl In his Basement Killed him (See ya!) Self, Yesterday. It Was, Suicide. He Claimed the Charges were “Totally False”. Yes, we all Know, How Innocent People Just Up And Kill themselves For No Reason. He Was A “Bible” beating Family Values “Fraud”, Like Most […]

Alabama Spoke Last Night. While Democratic candidate Doug Jones won it was only by 2% (A Win!) Yes ya read the correctly. It was 58.4% for a molesting Bigot Twice Fired Asshole Clown to 50%(22,000 vote difference is 2%) for Jones Make no mistake while a good thing how was it EVEN that Close? Ignorance […]

Today is the day when Alabama Republicans all show Who They Are and who they Always (Awwww) will be. After All, It’s like Idiocracy Landmark If they pick Moore, Business as usual. If they go with Jones It shows that even in the most “Fucked Up” of Places, SANITY can Be Found You Can Track […]

Terror Attempt Up In Smoke…

December 11th, 2017

This morning in NYC, a would be Terrorist had his Home Made Pipe Bomb blow up in (Oh shit) his Own arms. No One Was Killed which is Amazing. Thank Goodness For that. And it only mildly Injured 3 (Ringing in ears, etc) The turd was a self radicalized on-line ISIS fraud. Never list his name […]

All Franken is resigning from office While Roy Moore & Trump Have All (Oh no!) Pushing Their Hands down Pants & sexual Assault. A Vast Difference in two Parties. So Should Fraken have resigned?! Right now with all of the facts we have?!? No, but this is now the World We live in. If he […]

But, not The White House. That is so odd Russia Is still our enemy. Remember that (“Niet!”) Cold War for Around 40 Years?!? They’re now the Worlds Enemy meddling into all Countries Elections/Government. That is Unacceptable utter lunacy. Oh and Pauly “Russian Bitch” Manafort Just Contacted Russian Intelligence Services To Write a pro-Russian Op-Ed…….while STILL […]

Tax Cock Punch & Decimated…

December 4th, 2017

While Republicans were Busy passing Their Economic Night Mare Sociopath (He’s done!) Tax Cuts for a top 1%, the rest of the free world all Shook Our Heads in this collective side to side saying “Here we Go AGAIN”. This helps no one and it’ll kill The Economy in 2-4 years causing ANOTHER Market Crash/Recession […]

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