Today is the day when Alabama Republicans

all show Who They Are and who they Always


will be. After All, It’s like Idiocracy Landmark

If they pick Moore, Business as usual. If they

go with Jones It shows that even in the most

“Fucked Up” of Places, SANITY can Be Found

You Can Track it all here. What this means is

the fact Moore was the nominee is already so

disgusting, The Republican Party’s tainted for

the next 50 years. To have AL Voters Grapple

(For plants?)

with The Moral Issue Of: “Is Molestation Bad”

vs voting for A Democrat. To Say We’ve Hit a

New Low, Even After Trump was Elected was

a hard Sentence To Type. Wooooooooooooow

Mueller’s Midnight Approaches…

Trump will get Crazier and Crazier as the net

“Drops” on Them all. It is an “Obstruction Of

(We know)

Justice” Case likely. Nothing will Save Trump

or his crew. They’re All going down. And, this

doesn’t End even he “resigns”. These charges

are serious and will be pursued until justice is

served. And Trump will feel the Sting of Cuffs,

as the big Cell Door Slides closed for the night

An Abhorrently vile evil hate filled man will be

(“Already sang!”)

the example of the lowest Our Country “Sank”

for generations as he slips away into darkness

Have a day!

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