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In the ever burnin Trumpster Fire Known As, Trumps Administration (We know!) another Couch was thrown on that pile. After only 11 fucking days one Anthony Scaramucci was Removed from the Job. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha His wife left him, he hitched his big lying Asshole idiot wagon to Trump and This […]


July 28th, 2017

Is….Fucking….Awesome! Yes, It Is one wild Ride you might not grasp (Kick ass!) at 1st. You Will. You’re Smart and Most Importantly, It, Is ALL About History. Sorry, I adore our history spoiler alert: the pic jumps around in time, So Please Note this for the Maximum Effect for All The Scenes NOTE: So….McCain Etches […]

Seems The US Military Isn’t Taking any “Tweets” as legal Policy these days and (Treason Cheetolini) that is how we Should ALL handle him The entire Shit surrounding this White House. Daily he berates Sessions tryin’ to Get Him To Quit. He Won’t, which is great. Even if he did Quit, that’s a clear big […]

Oh, John McCain…

July 26th, 2017

How far you’ve fallen. History will not be “Kind” to you what-so-ever (Not Smart) By now youall must already know that Republicans Voted With a VP tie Breaker Simply to Debate This Hideous Odious Hateful Shitty Bill The only two R’s who really Voted against this Train Wreck were two woman: Collins & Murkowski. The […]

The “Laundry” Man…

July 25th, 2017

These Days no matter if Trump is doing his Klu Klux Scouts Schtick (Heil!) Setting a New Low of Hateful lies turning it into a Hitler youth rally Or tryin’ to get AG jeff Session to Quit, One Thing Is Perfectly clear The Walls are Closing in and He’s in A World Of Hurt. And […]

The latest Hired lyin’ Machine to cover for Drumpf is Named (<-Lying Whore) Tony Sackofmooching; and he joins a magical list of lying ass hole Treason enabling fuckers This is the same Guy who just “bashed” trump years ago. Oh so now we know he’s a Hooker We’re Just Haggling Price Now And That Price […]

White Sox “Rebuild”…

July 21st, 2017

If you’re a White Sox fan like me (Nooooice) we now have the #1 farmsystem in all of MLB. Whoooooo Hoooooo The future Sure Looks Bright and for now We Will Lose BUT an end is sight. In 2-3 years, Look out!!! NOTE: Trump Tries, To Figure Out Ways To “Pardon Himself”. Ha Ha! Oh […]

Orange One is Dreading All forms of “Sessions”. From Therapy, to a (<-Batshitbabble) any weight loss, to the AG Jeffrey Trump can’t seem to ever get out of the Way of Himself these Days It is a Rather Common Tale in his world of Lies, Hate & Treason. So, he now lashed out at Ag […]

Loud lying Orange Cowboy, & a Stupid Batshit – Insane Fireman (<-Cow Pie!) Everything Around Him Fails At Historic Levels. Healthcare?!?!? Nope. Any Legislative Wins?!?! Nope. ANYTHING Aside From a stolen SCOTUS pick confirmed? N-O-P-E. And so now after their failed TrumpDoesn’tCare pile of creamed shit, Trump/TeaOP’ers are trying to Run From It As if […]

TrumpDoesn’tCare Fails…

July 18th, 2017

“I make the best deals!!!”. Ha ha ha The Repeal Bill to End Obamacare is (Joke’s on you!) Dead. They lost around 5 Votes But Could Only Stand, 2 Lost At Most. It is An Epic Collapse. Trumpy ‘Knows’ nothing about this Bill or Healthcare at all. Make no mistake this is pretty big. They […]

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