The “Laundry” Man…

July 25th, 2017

These Days no matter if Trump is

doing his Klu Klux Scouts Schtick


Setting a New Low of Hateful lies

turning it into a Hitler youth rally

Or tryin’ to get AG jeff Session to

Quit, One Thing Is Perfectly clear

The Walls are Closing in and He’s

in A World Of Hurt. And The Best

Part?!?!?! He knows it. His direct

Financial Ties To The Russians, &

Kremlin have been Goin’ on since

The Mid -80’s. He Is Their Money


“Laundering Mat”. This, Is Not In

Question, never was. Trump gets

it & Realizes Mueller’s Crew know

as well. Trump is on record sayin’

“I have Nothing To do with Russia,
I have no Investments in Russiaaa
none whatsoever, uhh I don’t have
property in Russia….and I am ahh
in very, ah ah I mean I am in total
compliance, in every way. I built a
great company but im not involved
with Russia. I have, Had “dealings”
over the years where I sold a house
to a this very wealthy russian many
years ago. I Had, the Miss Universe
Pageant—Which I Owned for Quite
a while — I had it in Moscow a long
time ago but other than that, I have
nothing to do with Russia… says
(Just a simple letter from this legal
that any chump could get) I am not
involved in Russian loans no nothin”

Ahem, over 3 & A 1/2 decades say

otherwise my lying Orange Anus &

you can can Bet your Tax returns’ll

show it as Well. Ooooooooooooops

NOTE : Senate Lunacy Continues, As
Mitch, “Turtle Face” McConnell, Tried
To Pretend Votin To “Debate” Is The
Same As Voting For Their Healthcare
Trump Hate Bill. They’re Batshitcrazy
It’s A Mystery Bill Designed To Divide

Have a day!

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