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Full On Hidey Hole…

November 30th, 2018

Trump & Crew Are Now in their “Hidey Hole” mode. Some will Shout, Speak up or spew a (Or Jail) lot more terribly damning things. To them I say, “Speak Up”. Keep On Hanging Yourself It is Simply to Easy to watch em all implode no fully graspin’ the dire legal consequences of what is […]

Mark this day on your calendars my good people Remember Thursday November 29th as The Day (“Yes, I lied”) everything Ended for Trump & His Criminal Crew Cohen plead guilty in court 4 “lying” to congress Deutsche├é┬áBank/the place that laundered his cash was raided. And His Chicago Tax Appeal Attorney Ed Burke’s Offices were Raided […]

It seems if Manafort is ‘counting’ on a Presidential Pardon to avoid jail, he did not read the fine print (And He Did) on his “Deal”. He Plead Guilty to More Crimes in New Jersey, New York and California Ooooooops Mueller has Done this investigation correctly and he/Others Are All Life Long Republicans So there […]

Manafort is going to die in jail. Read that again He, will die, in Jail. The Special Prosecutor, did (Bye Bye, bitch!) a turn around because Manafort Lied Again and again. So back to “Jail” he goes. Now, ask your self this. HOW Did Mueller Know he was lying?! Yes Folks. Game, Set, Match. It […]

Blizzard, Tear Gas, Miss Votes…

November 26th, 2018

We had a Blizzard last Night And This Morning here in Chicago. And we didn’t even blink; the (WTF?!?!) City knows these Winter Storms All too Well & it doesn’t effect us. But what does is “Evil” the Country now represents Under the foul orange menace. He had borderpatrol cops fire teargas at Political Refugee’s. […]

Roberts Rules & Wolf Bite…

November 21st, 2018

SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts Puts the Orange Anus In Place. He explained who we (Busted!) are as a country with all our Courts & rule of law. And the Orange Taint Child, in Usual ID fashion Tried To fight/argue rather than just LISTEN as Roberts Explained how the Entire courts operate. It is not […]

I do not type this lightly. These are some dark times in America. The “Darkest” in My Lifetime (<-Immoral Fucks) for sure. Ignorance, Racism & Hate are Loved by a Scant few knuckle draggin’ immoral shits But now, today, the Orange Anus who will not be named; just publicly “sided” with the saudi Prince/Government…in Murdering […]

It’s official. Most Elections are Over, and Those races “called”. Gillum Lost, Abrams Lost and so (Wave) did Nelson. BUT this was the highest Voter Turn out since 1974. WOW! Only happens if you vote and are Politically Engaged. All Totaled It Was a net House Gain of 37 seats With 3 Elections still to […]

While it’s nice to see Justice win. The judge did NOT even address the 1st Amendment which is (Suck it!) very bad. But any day this Fascist White House loses is a good day for rational sane Americans All While This is “Happening” Sinclair is Airing a “Propaganda Package” On Local TV Stations, in Such […]

In 2-3 rulings on “Counting Every Vote” out there we see light. Party Matters Not, Just Count EVERY (Boom!) single Vote that was “Cast”. After all, THAT is our entire ‘Form of Government’. This Representative Democracy of ours. Count every vote fairly and in front of election officials. The margins are getting even closer & […]

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