Blizzard, Tear Gas, Miss Votes…

November 26th, 2018

We had a Blizzard last Night And This Morning

here in Chicago. And we didn’t even blink; the


City knows these Winter Storms All too Well &

it doesn’t effect us. But what does is “Evil” the

Country now represents Under the foul orange

menace. He had borderpatrol cops fire teargas

at Political Refugee’s. Not Correctly Intake and

“process” Them. FIRE On Them To Order Them

all to back away. Yes this is 2018 and my heart

Is broken. Mothers with Children, Were Abused

for simply Seeking “Asylum”. These are not the

actions of America. These are the “actions” of a

(We know)

hand Full Of Assholes From Before. It is simply

unacceptable on every human level. Oh speakin

of “Unacceptable”, a Racist Lady is now running

in A Mississippi “Run Off Election”. And Get this;


who Knew?!?!?! (Fake Shocked Face). Do Every

thing In “Your Power” To ELECT Mike Espy For a

Senate Seat. It’s not likely at all, but you can do


it ONLY if You VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Get Out and

get ‘Everyone’ you know to VOTE. Stop racism!

NOTE : Mueller’s Next level targets are Corsi, Stone,
Don Jr., Kushner, Likely Ending With Trump Himself
We Don’t Know If What Corsi (Liar & Right Wing Bull
Shit Conspiracy Troll) Claimed Is True, Or Not. ONLY
The Round Of ‘Indictments’, Will Tell Us Who Is NEXT
And Leave no doubt, This fuckery, Is Almost All Over
NOTE II: GM GUTS JOBS After Their Tax Cuts, WOW!
So, Much, Winning. They Are Laying Off 15% of their
Entire Work Force or 15,000 Jobs. This is more about
Dealing With ‘Tesla-Self Driving Cars’ Now AND ALSO
High Tariff’s, Along With a Changin Market Place With
More Auto Self Driving Cars-Taxi’s. So Much Winning!

Have a day!

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