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Russia Is Coming apart at the seams And The Good People of Russia Don’t (<-Lost!) deserve this. Putin/his ex-KGB shits and the Oligarchs, All do. The Ruble just Crashed & the entire world’s all Standing Firmly Against Putin’s Mad violence “invading” a Free sovereign ‘Nation’ In Ukraine. Putin’s Not Only losing everything (including his tiny […]

Seem the brave great people of Ukraine are Going show This Lil (Hoo-Rah!) Nothing man what they are all Made Of. This Lil’ Vile Nothing Wanna Be Dictator Has Bit Off WAY More, Than He Can Chew here. See even all the Russian citizens themselves don’t even Want This. And Ukraine’ll Just Stronger with Each […]

Putin & fascist vile Violent Ass Dictators are all Why we Can’t (<-F’ing Evil, Bye!) have “Nice” Things. This is so serious. The Entire world now stands with the goodfree folks of Ukraine & the overwhelmin Population Of Russia. But it is royally pissed at one, lil, small man. Putin. HE did this and it […]

It Turns out Republican Greg Abbott Told The “Power Grid” (We Know) Chief to “Overcharge” all The Good People of Texas. WTF?! Talk About An Evil Villain Ass hat. These Monsters have No morals/”Souls”/”virtues”. Hell they’re just second rate turds Vote This Monster Out Of His (Yup) office. Speaking of ‘monsters’ The Entire GQP & […]

TFG is once again beaten like a Fat Drum in Court. SCOTUS (Find out!) took a hard “pass” on his lies suit tryin’ to stop the Jan 6th Commission, from Getting an open Look At His ‘Documents’ In fact, they Never even took the Case. They Can’t, it isn’t even Eligible Ooooooooooops What if I […]

Presidents Day & Putin Trouble…

February 21st, 2022

Well happy Presidents Day to all of you. Maybe during hard (Day off!) Economic Shit everyone’s fav President, Is Benjamin Frank (You know, Cause it’s $100’s) ‘Mine’ are Many To Name and It Is Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, ‘D.D Eisenhower’, JFK & Obama to start. But I’m a big History Nut so Mine are deep […]

Classified & Pence-ive Puss…

February 18th, 2022

As we deal with Putin Bein’ An Evil Shit Who TFG Emboldened (We know) the rest of the world deals with the bombshell that Orange shit Took/’stole’ Classified Materials back to Crime Quarters; Ooops That’s very ‘illegal’/Federal Law This was A Bad Week for “It” & things will only get worse Daily A Judge Just […]

Welp, Turns Out TFG Doesn’t know when to shut up which (Ooooops) has legally Damned him to a Fall Like No Other. So, TFG’s Lawyers JUST Filed a Signed ‘Pleading’, 2 Days Ago. Then, Dumbass Pushes out a huge Stupid Admission That really undoes Their filin’. Ha ha ha! The AG James ‘Pointed’ That out […]

Well well, In the “No Shit Sherlock” ‘News’ we Find (“I screwed”) out TFG’s former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke did some “criming” Ooooops It’s a Shorter list if we All show Who Didn’t commit crimes under him. Jeeeez Oh & speaking of that we have Biden turnin’ over a (Uh oh!) Wh logbook from Jan […]

“Cut Off”, Shut-Off & War…

February 15th, 2022

Mazars will no longer launder or Lie for the Orange Ass nor (Yup!) His Family/pals. According to the NY AG “Mazars has stated any “Financial Statements” or ‘Documents’ should no longer be Relied upon”. And they cut ties with the orange ones; ha dumped On Valentines Day is about right. The Walls are not Just […]

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