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Well well my lil’ Valentines here’s a Poem for you kids (Zing!) Rose are Red & Violets are Pink; if U accidentally Shit your Pants, They just stink ZING! Have A lovingly fun day. Cause America Had A wonderful Super Bowl nite Mr Mathers, Did What Any Hero Would Do. He took A stand; well […]

These Canadian “Truckers”…

February 11th, 2022

They Don’t Speak for all truckers (Wonderful Hard working people) (Wrong Group!) They Don’t Care About society or anythin’ But themselves; they’re lost Angry folks. And Canada has had Enough. Follow Rules or you fuck off. Pretty simple stuff when ya Think About it. If you Want to spread Hate/Racism, do your big Permit, & […]

What if I Told You That The Fat Orange Anus tried 2 Flush tons (Down they go!) of “Classified Documents” Down a toilet?!?! Jeeeez, a criminal he surly Is. A fat loud bumbling ass he is as well. You can’t make the stupid up. And make no mistake he / Other Republicans Are all so […]

Well Well, the Democratic Party is gonna just do just What they (Promise Kept!) Said they’d Do. Good! Congress won’t Be able to trade stocks or Speculate On the Market from a Clear Position Of Conflict. To it I say, AWESOME!! We The People love this. Speakin of great news End Of Feb, Chicago Is […]

The Republican Party Today, is split, fractured, broken & over (<-Terrorists) There is No Recovery for What has Happened after Jan 6th & created Several factions that’ll take Their Party Into Darkness with it, Never 2 return. See, it all Comes down To This. Power was Taken from The typical R’s & Will Now Get […]

The Split, Shredded & Sholtz…

February 7th, 2022

Well, the RNC Has Officially Now declared They Support terrorism (He he he) WTF?!?! They Called the Jan 6th terrorist acts “legitimate political discourse”. No, They Are Now on the side of violent terrorism/hate AND, IT is Ripping The Entire R’s apart As I Said it Would B4 Here many times. They are all Undone […]

The Biden Boom Is real and it came across with Historic (Boom!) Jobs Number of 700,00+ in the last 2 Months; wow that is amazing. And, The Entire Republican Party Save for a handful of 15-22 of them, is done. They went All In on a soon to Be Incited Terrorist No Policies, No solutions, […]

Power Out & Book Burning?!?

February 3rd, 2022

Greg Abbot is at it again. Well more like ‘not at all at it again’ (BUZZ! Ya choked!) letting Texans Go W/O Power The Good People of Texas are Fed Up with this “Hateful” do nothing jerk. Speaking of Fed up; I thought we Had A Large war to End Nazi’s? Well Turns out, some […]

Happy Ground Hog Day!!! Happy Ground Hog Day! Happy Ground (Yup) Hog Day! You get the joke, right? 6 more Weeks of Winter which Is fine with me. I will just hunker in the bunker, drink myself stupid & play PS5. I “Kid”. Well, the Entire Republican Party’s In a Big pickle Some see The […]

With literal Nazi’s running All over, Republican’s are not yet (What’s Left) ready to disavow them. WTF? Well, that is part of their base “Florida Nazi’s….I hate Florida Nazi’s”. And now ya got some in TX to boot; so Republicans Have A Serious Racist Fascist problem in their Ranks And it is In no hurry […]

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