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Night Golf!?!?!

June 30th, 2017

Sure, why not. Try Something at night (Noooice) that’s Already A Bitch to Do in the day time. Right?!?!?! Looking forward to it tonight. Hopefully I don’t fall in a sand trap or water hazard. Doooooooooooh! NOTE : Trumpy, Wants Illegal Information To Manipulate Voter Outcomes. The States Said NO WAY Trump’s Getting Way Worse […]

No, Donald!

June 29th, 2017

Ah seems today the POTUS is simply a Tantrumed Toddler with a Twitter feed (No Shit!!!) He doesn’t Remotely Understand AHCA or what Their Hateful Draconian Bill for Healthcare Even Does. This isn’t a man this is a 3 year old Toddler unable to be allowed Alone in a Room for fear they’d start a […]

The Walls Are closing in on Trump, his administration and all the Russian toys (Treasonous Shits!) that were Directly Next to him during a crazy Racist Campaign. 1st it was Flynn who Registered As A “Foreign Agent” & WAY After all the Crimes he committed with The Justice Department. So now a 2nd Defector, in […]

Americans healthcare coverage. And Does That means Trump/Republicans will accept (“It’s Empty!”) this Reality?!?!?! Ha ha ha ha ohhh fuck no They Will lie, lie Again, lie About The lies & then when Cornered Lie To All Voters Faces They’re doing this Solely For the Top .3%’s Tax Cuts. The reason they are doing this […]

In what Can only Be Called The Child Excuse of The Century, we now have (We know) a lying lunatic moron always Claimin’ “It’s Billy’s fault I’m a treasonous sac Of Shit And Fuck Up”. Wow. This is a new low, but expected. I truly believe Trump Never Expected to win the ’16 election, That’s […]

It’s Pride Weekend…

June 23rd, 2017

Holy colors of the rainbow Batman! (Disco!) This Weekend In Chicago Should be a wild one. For all Those in the lgbtq Communities. Hope, You Enjoy it All Rock Your Days to All & have A Blast NOTE : Trump Is A Lying Lunatic And His Days Are Numbered As He States: “I Bluffed Comey, […]

When you watch the pure horror of this Illegal, Murderous, Event. Any Rational (Murder, period) Citizen Can’t help But All now feel Their broken heart. This Footage Shows What he, Philando did, was by the book and it STILL didn’t Matter. The only Reason he was killed, was Because of his skin Color PERIOD. This […]

Karen Handel beat Jon Ossoff in GA’s 6th District Election. What Does it All (Oh Look Who!) mean?!?!?! Well, it Tells You That The demographic make up of Red states is changing. What was A 23 Point win in November of 2016, was Now a 4 point win. That is A Swing Of 20 Points. […]

Republican took the lowest of low roads in This Special Election Of R-Handel VS. (It’s just LePenn!) D-Jon Ossoff. They know They always’ll lose with high turnout. If Turnout is low nail bitter time. More $ has been jacked into this race on Both Sides. More so on Republican Handel’s Side got Super Pac $. […]

This is yet another post I wish I never had to Type. Another Racist Anti-Muslim White (Agreed!) Nationalist in London. This time, an Asshole used a truck 2 plow through people going to prayer at a Mosque. All these racists are not only evil, ignorant, and Hateful. They are all losing their Hateful positions to […]

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