When you watch the pure horror of this

Illegal, Murderous, Event. Any Rational

(Murder, period)

Citizen Can’t help But All now feel Their

broken heart. This Footage Shows What

he, Philando did, was by the book and it

STILL didn’t Matter. The only Reason he

was killed, was Because of his skin Color

PERIOD. This Is Disgusting And it’s Also

unacceptable. This Shows There Still are

Deep Stains Of Societal Racism That still

Exists And THIS, Will, Not, stand. Officer

(Yes, today, yes)

Jeronimo Yanez was “acquitted”, Anyone

seeing that Vid and not concluding this is

somethin’ far more ugly. They rationalize

racist hate and murder. My heart’s broke

Death Care/We Don’t Care…

Republicans Do Their “Tax Cut” Dog And

pony fake Healthcare Bill show all for lies

(<-Tax Cut)

The Senates Bill look at lot like The Other

House Bill. They Can’t Pass, Anything But

bad gas these days. If, they pass this tax

cut for the top .3% while kickin’ about 23

Million ‘OFF’ Insurance, it Just Ends Them

all politically. That’s fine by me but all the

damage to citizens will B so very harsh to

feel. These are not humans governin’ now

they are economic sociopaths solely servin

(Best not!)

the top .3% while abusing the other 99.7%

They don’t care & they don’t take prisoners

CBO’ll Score this Crap as the shit show it is

NOTE: Trump Admits He Has No Tapes Of
His Comey Meetings. Which He Will Likely
Lie About Again Claiming He Never Said IT
Last I Checked Flynn WAS Being Recorded
And The NSA Grabs Almost Everything, SO
Don’t Be So Sure There Aren’t Tapes Of IT
NOTE II  :  Michael Bloomberg AKA The NY
Plutocratic Billionaire Now Likes Trumpy &
It Is “Only” Because He Thinks He Gets His
Tax Brake How Disgustin And What An Ass
Face It, Blue Dog Dems Don’t Care About U
UPDATE : Intel Officials Mike Rogers & Dan
Coats Were Told By Trump To Deny Any &
All “Trump Russian Collusion” Claims. They
Called It, “Odd”, & “Uncomfortable” Stating,
They Did Not Act On Trumps Suggestions &
That Matches Comey’s Testimony To A ‘Tee’
They Testified, For Mueller, And The Senate

Have a day!

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