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As COVID is still Spiking in Other States all we see is an Orange clod spewin hate (<-Moron) while all his numbers sink into an abyss This Is not time to Gloat, cheer, or even chirp. NOW, is the “time” to get to work Register voters, Organize & turn out the vote like no other […]

422 Million Cases & Fail…

July 24th, 2020

As we Deal With rising COVID cases all over the Country In new areas we have (Yup) no leadership Whatsoever in the entire Republican ‘Party’. And, The Country is very Aware they “Suck”. And, It’ll Cost them Everything. Good they’re Hateful immoral “Nothings”, Doing Nothing For our Country, as she ‘needlessly’ suffers Good people will […]

As COVID Rages On While we Should All Be lead by a calm, caring, strong president, we (Bye Bye!) find ourselves without anyone at the top. It truly Is ‘Something’ History Will Never Ever forget. In fact, the fat Orange Anus Just did The ‘Unthinkable’. He, “Cancelled” The RNC Convention, In Jacksonville, FL. Yet He […]

As Actual front line workers in states where COVID is Raging work tirelessly, we have a (His Cure) fat, racist Orange Fuck trying his new hand at Fascism. It’s likely a “Distraction”, again If he was Comin to Chicago, we have a Big Surprise For All His Unconstitutional “Goon” Squads. The ‘National Guard’ is Still […]

As COVID deaths in America hit 144,458 & Climbing; A “Republican House Speaker” in (More to come) Ohio was just “Arrested” For Bribery to the Tune of 60 Million. Oooooops. Seems Larry Householder’s now “holding” the big house They are all ‘Criminals’ under a Fat Orange Criminal. Speaking Of “Crimes”, FOX Noise is in BIG […]

Civil Rights Icon and Hero John Lewis has passed away. And he left a legacy of hope, justice & love (Yes) There Will be “Equality”, you will see it, you will live it & it Will Be beautiful. He was A leader, he was a warrior for Peace/justice & he was a Hero He will […]

“Karen”, COVID & RBG…

July 17th, 2020

As tRumps Literal Meltdown Continues, the rest of the world is dealing with a pandemic (Ewwwwww) still. This Is hard, still happening & hurts. It is one thing when many states who suffered hard by Sheltering in Place Have broken the Curve. While ‘Others’, Did NOTHING & have undreamt of “Spikes”. And the White House […]

Kemp, Chump & COVID…

July 16th, 2020

We have a siting governor saying that citizens shouldn’t wear masks……… (<-Brian Kemp) a hotbed COVID. What a clueless shit incapable of Facts he should be taken from office asunfit by the good voters of Georgia. Kemp’s causing way more spread, ignorance & putting people in danger. This is NOT debatable. We all must not […]

36% Approval & Free Fall…

July 15th, 2020

As our entire country still struggles with the killer virus COVID19, Republicans & (Best Mask) tRump don’t do a Fucking thing about it In fact, they are SO Ignorant about how to just Wear a Mask, They’re Now doing MORE Harm to the Entire Country When they Open Their ignorant Mouths to Now spread the […]

Florida Is Now A COVID hotbed of disease They’re “Averaging” Around 10,000+ New (<-Blind Fucker) cases a day. A total of 4,409 citizens of fla have Died. And because of the utter failure of Gov. DeSantis they’ll Likely End Up With 18,000 “Dead” in Projections. Or…..maybe worse. That’s What Happens when you got no Leadership, […]

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