As COVID Rages On While we Should All Be

lead by a calm, caring, strong president, we

(Bye Bye!)

find ourselves without anyone at the top. It

truly Is ‘Something’ History Will Never Ever

forget. In fact, the fat Orange Anus Just did

The ‘Unthinkable’. He, “Cancelled” The RNC

Convention, In Jacksonville, FL. Yet He Will

still give A dumb Lying hate speech. Ughhh

No Matter, The Entire Country, Is About To

“Cancel” Him On November 3rd. And, While

he/Republican’s do nothing about Re-uppin


the ‘unemployed payment Extension’. They

are Royally Fucked here. If they don’t do it,

they will Lose this election by double Digits

If they do, By Around 7-9 points. They lose

either way ‘because’ of their Ignorance and

hateful games they’ve played with our lives

NOTE: Baseball Is BACK! And Boy, Was It Missed And
Needed. We know It can’t ‘fix’ the horrors of the world
but it can give us some joy durin these changing times
NOTE II: Armed Couple Are Finally Charged. Ha Ha ha

Have a “safe” day!


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