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Panic, Manic & Titanic…

May 25th, 2023

While TFG see’s the jail cell in His fat Criminal future, All his (Bye!) panic is Obvious. It’s too Little way too late; every legal mind see’s it. And so does “It”. They ‘Deserve’ Every Criminal illegal charge coming. ALL OF IT kids And when Republican’s / GQP’s (<-Tap it) are In Manic Mode, they […]

Another day, Another loss we all already knew for failed ass (Zing!) Clown Kari Lake. She, And All who keep “denying” objective reality; will all keep on losing And Jack Smith/DOJs coming for the Fat Man & nowhere to run now. They’re looking into all his Foreign Financial Deals (Bye!) with Saudi/Putin/Turkey and more. Oh, […]

We only have two national political Party’s in America Today. They Are (Bye!) Democrats, & Independents. That’s it. While R’s/GQP’ers all attempt to crash the US Economy playing silly Terrorist Style ‘Negotiating Games’ With The Debt Ceiling; The Rest of Nation Grasps They’ve Raised It In EVERY R Administration. They Are the ONLY Party Who […]

In elections last night across the Country; Democratic Candidates (Bingo!) Did AMAZINGLY Well. In Fact, It was the Kinda Night that Should terrify Republican’s. But It won’t They’re “All in” on Racist Fascist hate & Tax Cuts. That’s about it TFG attached em ALL to Jan 6th (No Shit!) forever/lies About Our Elections Not a […]

Rudy is now in the “Finding Out” Phase Of Things. He & others all deserve Everything Coming now Rudy Was just Sued by A former worker for Sexual Assault to the tune of “$10 Million”. And it gets WORSE. He Was “Trying To Sell” “Trump Pardons”….For $2 Million a piece. Ha ha ha ha what […]

The Entire Republican Party Isn’t a national party any more┬áNo sir (Correct!) Its a fringe hate group filled with Domestic Terrorists, Nazi’s & big Violent Bigots. That’s About It, & Nothing Changing Anytime Soon A Man ‘attacked’ one Democratic Reps Office Today with a bat. He (Nope!) came in, asked Where he was & hit […]

Moms don’t just Get One Day each Year. They get the other (Zing!) 364 Days. Without Moms We have A Shitty World, Without kids not made in labs I might add. And also there’s no GQP Party anymore. It’s just a pile of Criminal Fascist racist liars (We know) And Down, down, They all go […]

The DOJ Has Arrested & Indicted R-George “fraud” Santos. He has (Busted!) now been charged with 13 counts -Campaign Finance Fraud -Wire or “Banking” Fraud -Theft Of “Public Funds” -Illegal Money Laundering -Making False Statements And many Others. Read them All right here. He is just A way More Criminal Version of R- Aaron ‘the […]

A Judge, in TFG’s Hush $ Criminal case Has just ‘issued’ a Protective (No more!) Order Limiting what Treason Ass Can/Can’t “say’ Publicly. He can’t “Disseminate information about the case on “Any News, or Social media platforms” Without the Courts approval first Ohhhh Boy, He’s Gonna violate it QUICKLY. Which Means, Now it’s Contempt/Jail For […]

Another day, another mass shooting And this one was done by an R-Nazi (<-Terrorists!) Fascist POS. The killer was a Nazi & Far Right Wing Terrorist who Shot 8 People To Death. This, Must Stop & NOW. No More Of This Hate Or This death/violence. Weapons of war are wrong to be in Civilian hands […]

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