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It Seems A Vast Majority Of Trump Republicans are willing to go down with the Orange Crapcile (“Hold up fucker!”) Make no mistake, they’re playing a very deadly game here in attacking Mueller, the Grand Jury AND Rod Rosenstein. They are virtually ending “themselves” by Constantly callin’ into question Their Moral Character (Which IS VASTLY […]

Another Mass Shooting…

June 28th, 2018

Five people are dead and several others Are “Gravely” injured after a shooting at the Capital Gazette, a daily (Pure Evil) Local Newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland. They Have the “shooter” in custody & he’s not cooperatin’. Well no shit, he’s a Terrorist. We will Find out more about him in The Coming Hours. This is […]

The times they are a changing. The SCOTUS is losing Kennedy (At 81 & was the only vote who (Now Kennedy) held sanity on the middle/left) which is simply horrific News. Trump /Crew Will “Nominate” a far Right Lunatic. Turnabout’s fair play, those Dems/Progressives Should steal ANY Pick just to show them it was The […]

GOP SCOTUS Shits The Bed…

June 26th, 2018

In a partisan 5-4 decision not based on any legal Argument, Trumps Racist “Travel Ban” (We know) was upheld. Make no mistake we’ve already been here Before. Remember the WWII shit With Japanese Internment Camps?!?! Yes it was WRONG then Under FDR & It’s WRONG today. No Amount, Of “Partisan Lying Dumb fuckery” will ever […]

Now that “weed” is LEGAL In Canada I guess the Entire United States That Wants it, Has a (Yep) nice “cush” place to visit. You Saw what I did there, didn’t you!?!?! It seems the luster of a Libertarian Pipe Dream Are going up as Dave Rubin Folks/Sam Harris Nuts are now Having to “deal” […]

Frump Tucked, Ann Colder…

June 18th, 2018

It’s be nice not To Post Ever Again about Trump It’d be the best day ever for this guy typing, me (We know) Sadly today isn’t that day. Another day, seems another Failure. Seems Trump Thinks he’s just “enforcing the law”. Well Yes, A Racist Hateful LAW, he Created for Reasons of sheer Abusive reasons […]

Mueller And the law Are not fucking around Trump & Crew best take note. They are ALL (So Long!) going to Reap The vile felonious crimes they sowed. The law’s coming for them and there is no where to Run. Ooooooooops. Tick tock! Have a weekend!

A “New Lunacy Low”…

June 14th, 2018

Things get Worse and the bar gets way lower The Economy is a Smoke screen right now, & (So Long!) can turn on A Dime with policies that always destroy Them (Reagan, W Bush, and Trump) Cohen Is going away to jail for life. Manafort will likely be Jailed after tomorrows big rulin’ from a […]

Trump gave away a MASSIVE concession to “Rocket Man”. Stop All The US Military (Holy Crazy!) “Exercises” Right Near the DMZ in South Korea. You Know, Our Fucking ALLIES in the KOREAN War. My Father Is Rolling in his fucking Grave right now. This Is news to China & Russia’s ears. To get us All […]

Only in a feckless, spineless, impotently silly Immoral Fraud Party, Could it Even (Done) happen under A Trump. Let us make No mistake here. Only less than a Hand full Have Regularly Bitched About Trump so THAT alone Tells you they are all voting with orange anus’s agenda. Even the UN gets it & called […]

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