Now that “weed” is LEGAL In Canada I guess

the Entire United States That Wants it, Has a


nice “cush” place to visit. You Saw what I did

there, didn’t you!?!?! It seems the luster of a

Libertarian Pipe Dream Are going up as Dave

Rubin Folks/Sam Harris Nuts are now Having

to “deal” with Reality rather fantasy. The one

largest problem Libertarians face is A) reality

B) Racist Nazi Fascist’s In Their Ranks & C) A

total lack Of Basic Governance/what it does &

how it Works. When Joe Rogan Calls You Out

(It’s fun!)

it means your time is up. Speaking of morons

running Wild; a Fat Bigot Woman in San Fran

“called the cops” on an 8 year old girl because

she was “selling water without a permit”. Wtf?

Yes, you read That “correctly”. It was because

she was African American & The Dip Shit lady

tried to “hide” when confronted by the mother

who clearly stated “The Whole World is gonna

see you, boo”. What A Sad Disgusting Piece of


Shit She Is. ENOUGH. Seems Paul Man-A-Fort

is trying to “Appeal” the judges ruling sending

his ass to jail. It won’t work & he will likely die

in Fucking Jail. GOOD! He Deserves It all. This

stuff isn’t a game. It’s the law and it is coming!

NOTE: Conservative SCOTUS Just Ruled In Favor
Of Gerrymandering Which Should Be Illegal. It is
ONE Citizen, ONE VOTE! This Is Really Disgusting

Have a day!

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