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Trump & His entire ‘Fraud’ crew are Fucked. Royally Fucked and (Oh shit!) things will get worse by the day Will it Stop FOX, Trump and All Republicans From Shoutin’ “But HILLARY!!” Trying to Avoid this legal Reality of Trump & His big treasonous crew all goin’ down? Nope, they Will All Try To ignore […]

It’s ALL Over…

October 30th, 2017

Now For Trump & His Entire Crew The FIRST Charges JUST came In (George=guilty) From Mueller’s Special Prosecutor grand jury; & with more to Follow as they ALL rollover on each other in The Coming Weeks/Months. I’m calling It right Now. A Key Trumpy Campaign Advisor “Already” plead Guilty for the Same Acts As Donny […]

Yes, ya read that correctly. He sure did and you can bet it does not stop (Tick tock!) there. This is simply The Beginning of an End of ignorance/racism/hate and lunacy. Buckle up Citizens. It is Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Have a weekend!

Approved. Oh boy. Luckily those multi Billionaires will “Finally” catch a break (Holy fuck!) (Places face into hands weepin’ at this) What the ever Loving FUCK?!?!?!? This shit is ‘Pure Lunacy’. It is like someone who has 3 billion they never spend and wanting Another 2-3 Billion in Tax Cuts That They’re Already NOT SPENDING […]

Trumpenstein Runs Lose…

October 25th, 2017

On our American Political System causing Untold Carnage solely for (Almost Done) Himself. As The Politically Picked Power Company White Fish, Who are fucking over Puerto Rico to a nice Tune of $300 million oooops How About Trumpers “Tearing” All Your Consumer Protections, Down Favoring Banks in A “New” Act So you Can’t Sue Them […]

Speaking Of Halloween…

October 24th, 2017

What do David S. Pumpkins and Donny J. Drumpfy, Both Have in (“His own thang!”) Common?!?!? They are both way too Orange, Oddly Annoying and make no sense. They’re also both odd fictitious├é┬ácharacters solely to Confuse while Asking, “Are there any questions?!?!”. Yes too many to Count. And what’s so different about Them? Well, for […]

Clearly It’s His Tiny…

October 23rd, 2017

Hands. Right?!?!?!? Can Jurassic Prick ever get out of The Way of his own fat (Actual Size) ass/mouth? Will he Stop his Insane lie feud with the wife of a Fallen soldier & keep lyin’ with every fraudulent tweet? Nope. When you don’t live In Reality & are a loud Racist child, every day’s this […]

What IS Trump? He’s A Symptom Willful Ignorance, Hate, & lies are (We Know) the disease. So forget W. Bush has Correctly weighed in On Trumpy & it is Damning. Yes the Same Dumb ass W Bush, who Did Economically ignorant tax cuts for The top 1% & started a Fucking War with Iraq. It […]

The Scolding Soldiers…

October 18th, 2017

If you think Trump Cares, you are a Massive Fucking Moron & Unable To (Team Asshole!) process reality. Trump told the Mom Of A Dead Solider, “That is What he signed up for”. It was SO bad that a Congress Woman D – Wilson Almost grabbed the Phone to curse him out I got a […]

The Lying Sack Of Shit…

October 17th, 2017

Calling Trumpy, A Lying Sack of Shit is an insult to Other non-threatening (We Know) sacks of shit, just lying There waiting to be Used as fertilizer. He lied about all Other Presidents Response To the horror Of Troop loss. He lied about it all, and For What?!?!?!?! Fuck knows Reagan, H.W Bush, Clinton, W. […]

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