Trump & His entire ‘Fraud’ crew

are Fucked. Royally Fucked and

(Oh shit!)

things will get worse by the day

Will it Stop FOX, Trump and All

Republicans From Shoutin’ “But

HILLARY!!” Trying to Avoid this

legal Reality of Trump & His big

treasonous crew all goin’ down?

Nope, they Will All Try To ignore

reality. It Will The Usual Bullshit

Tricks of: Yell About Hillary, Say

Any Red Herring/Avoid & Finally

(Coming Soon)

Create Some Non-Existent False

Equivalency. See ya fuckin’ shits

Trump Won, Clinton’s Done. Eat

Your Shit- Sandwich. Yum, YUM

Not Only, Will More Be Charged,

but With One, Already “Pleading”

guilty for Acts Donny Jr Actually

DID (held a meetin’) it’s all over

New MAGA¬† –¬† Many Are Getting

Arrested Or Morons All Go Away

NOTE: Kevin Spacey, Committed
Sexual “Assault” Years Ago & His
Response, Was, Disgustingly Evil
House Of Card Season 6’s Halted
NOTE II: “Terror Attack” In NYC
With 8, Sadly Dead. This Is ‘Pure’
Horror Evil, & Unacceptable. We
Must Stop, ‘Religious’ Extremism
Of Any Kind. And Only ‘Together’

Have a Scary Day! Boo!

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