What IS Trump? He’s A Symptom

Willful Ignorance, Hate, & lies are

(We Know)

the disease. So forget W. Bush has

Correctly weighed in On Trumpy &

it is Damning. Yes the Same Dumb

ass W Bush, who Did Economically

ignorant tax cuts for The top 1% &

started a Fucking War with Iraq. It

was chilling to hear him Just State:

“We’ve seen nationalism distorted Into
nativism & bigotry or white supremacy
In Any Form Is Blasphemy Against The
American creed…Bullyin’ and prejudice
in Our Public Life Sets A National Tone,
provides Permission For Hate & bigotry,
And Compromises The Moral Education
of children. The only Way to pass along
civic values….is to first live up to Them”

(We Know)

Holy shit, when you are racist & that

far to The RIGHT of W Bush you lost

it. Trump’s days are Numbered & He

knows it. Manafort was Russia’s $60

million dollar stooge. Felix Sater will

likely be The End Of Trump & all the

frauds Around him. Heck, he already

SAID they were going to Jail. So Tick

(Bye Bye!)

Tock, Tick tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock

NOTE : Ah Yes, When An Honest Kid
Shines A Light On Racist Piles Of Shit
Blame The Person Who Caught Them
Spewin’ The Racist Hate What Fuckin
Planet Is This?!?!?!?! Racists Tend To
Hate ‘Consequences’ Of Being Caught

Have a day!

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