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Bill O’Reilly doesn’t “get” Gangnam Style, & he doesn’t like it, (Avenger’s get it) & he won’t have it. It’s nonsense that doesn’t mean anything Forget he doesn’t even know it’s done in Korean, or that it is about the wealthy Gangum district where he’s from. It is just an old guy shaking his fist […]

No shit?!?! *puts on “fake shocked face”*. This is crap we already (No vote for you) all knew about. But it is always funny when they admit it openly: “The Republican Party, the strategists, the consultants, they firmly believe that early voting is bad for Republican Party candidates. It’s done for one reason and one […]

Author, & foreign policy expert Tom Ricks went on FOX yesterday (You’re fucked) The only problem? He was armed with facts. That’s bad for FOXY The talking points train got derailed, & it was this work of genius: JON SCOTT (co-host): Pressure mounting on the Obama administration over its response to the deadly attack on […]

I’m back baby! And it’s good to have more rolls than a Golden Coral (Spot the Hemi hat!) Hope your turkey day was buckets of giggles, food, friends, & family I cracked out my “fatty fat fatterson post mega meal stretchy pants” They looked so sweet. By “sweet” I mean “stupid goofy sad looking (Fat […]

Anderson Cooper is clearly now 360 degrees of super mega badass now (before) He was reporting on the Gaza Strip when a big ass bomb went off about 15oft behind and to the side of him. Shit balls, you can see it right here (after) No offense, but my hairy ass is never getting that […]

Benghazi Butthurt Batshittery

November 16th, 2012

Guess it’s true, that when you’re a Republican today or on FOX you live in your own fucking world. A world where Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Socialist Baby Killing Alien Nazi from Zolar 5 (Hard news?) They don’t start in reality, so a rational conversation isn’t ever possible. General Petraeus testified today all about […]

Papa Douche, Fucko Mitt, & Gaza

November 15th, 2012

Papa John’s Pizza owner John is soooooooo upset about Obamacare He just can’t afford paying the extra 5-8 million to cover his workers Forget that Forbes said his numbers are a lie, forget it’s actually only (what a douche) 3.4 to 4.6 cents a pizza to make sure your workers have decent health care; instead […]

What if I told you, a wife ran over her husband because he didn’t go out & vote for Romney? You’d call me fucking crazy, right???? (Eh, a man!) Well it happened. This fucking women tried to run down her boy friend in a parking lot. He tried to hid behind the light poles. But […]

Republican’s didn’t learn a fucking thing from the election results One day. ONE! They said “Hey I was wrong, fucked up”, but now it’s “Obama stole the election with voter fraud”, & “Odumer lied on Benghazi damnit! We have no proof, but Hannity has got hunches” (Fox News) Not…one…single…thing. I typed it so clearly before. […]

We’ve a general Petraeus sex scandal, fiscal cliff, & Florida called Petraeus’s wife Holly is pissed off, & rightly so. See, it’s your wife (Dave & Holly) that hates your stupid cheating penis parking your car in another garage…AKA-park your car in Holly’s Hut, not some other skank He has just stepped down, but congress […]

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