Anderson Cooper is clearly now 360 degrees of super mega badass now


He was reporting on the Gaza Strip when a big ass bomb went off about

15oft behind and to the side of him. Shit balls, you can see it right here


No offense, but my hairy ass is never getting that close. The closest I’d

ever want to be near a bomb, is watching The Expendables 2. Hoyohhh

Shit, with all crazy religious nut blacking out of women kissing men on

a DVD/Blu-Ray cover over there, a bomb going off’s way easier to take

McCain & FOX Noise Bengahzi Flee

See, when you don’t get the answers you wanted, it tends to really sting

McCain walked out in front of reporters on Friday to discuss what Gen

Petraeus told the entire committee about intelligence on the Benghazi

(Yes it shall)

attack. It debunked all the big whacko lying far right conspiracy loonies

McCain decided to come out of the hearing to reporters & say this gem:

“General Petraeus’ briefing was comprehensive. I think it was important;
it added to our ability to make judgments about what was clearly a failure
of intelligence, and described his actions and that of his agency and their
interactions with other agencies…I appreciate his service and his candor”

(When Geraldo corrects you…)

Translation: “The lying barking I’ve been doing was just rejected by facts
so, I have none of those that agree with my baseless witch hunt, so bye”

Then he quickly bolted as fast as he could away ignoring all the questions

I would too John, cause that’s your dignity you just left out there with em

(keep the lies coming)

Take a rest, a break, Mr. Old Biter Man who lost to Obama. It’s a personal

witch hunt because he lost the election in 2008, & it’s really nothing more

Why Twilight Breaking Wind Sucks Donkey Balls

I get that the writer didn’t study about vampire or werewolves. But now it

is really just teen drama love triangles with supernatural effects. Shit, it’s


just 90201 with teen drama just with flying, neck biting, & heads getting

ripped off. Love the idea of true love, it’s fun. But I mean, what do these

vampires DO FOR A LIVING? “Vampiring” must be very lucrative these

days, but I missed that as a major at Brokeass State. Meh, no matter, it

(you can do it)

is just fun watching sexy young teens with super powers bitch about an

already totally fucking awesome life, expensive house, & hot lover. It is

just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard for them all

Have a day!

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