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So Long 2021, Here’s To 2022…

December 31st, 2021

While we’re dealing with rampant devastating wild fires in Colorado, (Be safe!) and a pandemic that needs to just go away; IF only we all had actual smart people tryin’ to stop it from spreading. They are, but Ignorant Dunning Kruger Lunatics are Just their best to stop it. No. This isn’t allowed. It’s not […]

Another Mass Shooting & Guilty…

December 30th, 2021

Where in the ‘World’ Is FL Governor Ron Deathsantis?! With the new big (MIA!) Strain Of COVID Running wild thru FLA, He’s MIA. Hidin from his work He’s made a Pandemic Way Worse Another day another mass shootin’ with NOTHING Being Done. Jeeeez we’re literally sick to Death with It We’ve done nothing to stop […]

Larry David Rocks & CDC Rules…

December 28th, 2021

Ok, everyone who read this is up on the latest Social, Political, & societal (Yes, ya will!) events. But this one takes the cake! Lt colonel Vindman is goin’ to be on Curb! WOW. Larry David, just Hit a Grand slam Here. Can, not, wait, to see this gem, so dig it with a shovel […]

Hope Your Christmas kicked So much ass, it Hurts to sit down. What also is (Yup) a bummer is this new strain Omicron It’s like “Bad Branding” for cigarettes A much more mild, smooth finish for all. It Is ‘Pretty Serious’. Protect your Self & Loved One’s. Get that Booster! There is no debate. Never […]

Xmas Steve & Flights Cut…

December 24th, 2021

Merry Xmas Eve to all and to all a kickass night. Sorry, it’s (Rock On!) my Rock Ass Santa vibe that is showing these days. Whoo Hoooo! Hope Your Holi-Daze are Fun, drama free & loving Speaking Rough thing round these Holidays, Some flights, well, Most flights Will not be flying due to The crew […]

Another Shooting & The End…

December 23rd, 2021

Just another day, & yet another stupid Shooting in America. We (We Know!) have Done Nothing & We’re all Outta Ideas. In Oakbrook, IL A gunman Shot & Injured 4 folks Ugh. Yet More Gun Violence & nothing Whatsoever bein done to stop it. Had enough? Me too Vote In, Only “Elected Officials” (Ghouls) who […]

Mob Turns & Generals Op-Ed…

December 21st, 2021

The hate mob of maga has turned on it’s fat Orange Ass Dear leader (<-Fail Asshole Twins) And it’s as ugly as we all thought it Would Be. And, As they all now consume themselves; the fall out will Be Painful, Swift & Relentless Shit When Hitler Barbie is Telling them to “hold off” on […]

Manchin’s Muckup & Speech…

December 20th, 2021

While Joe Manchin ‘plays’ dress Up In The Senate, As A GQP’er (Da Faque?) The Rest of The World all Sees he already agreed to terms so now He’s In Hostage Mode For All To See. What An ‘Unethical’ pile Of nothing. Find others to “Pick Off” Who Believes in This (Joe to voters) country […]

FOX Sued Into Oblivion…

December 17th, 2021

Turns out, lying & inciting other citizens To Violence with Abject (And Dominion, ha!) hate Propaganda Is legally Very bad For You. In fact, A “lawsuit” against FOX For ‘Defamation’ is Allowed to Move Forward. And, they’re Gonna lose it All. Ya see the key to Any successful suit is proof that FOX Knew they […]

Down They All Go & Clean Up…

December 16th, 2021

The Jan 6th Committee is on A Roll. Actual ‘GQP Members’ (<-“In” on it) of┬áCongress Were all in on It Jim Sex Crime Jordan, Andy Biggs, Louie GOhmert, Scott ‘Perry’, Mo “Fraudy” Brooks, Paul Gosar, M Meadows and more! And when all is said & done, Even MORE Will All Be ‘in on it’ As […]

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