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Commission Coming & Contempt…

December 13th, 2021

This shit’s hitting the fan at this Point For the Terrorists (Justice!) who helped commit violent crimes Against The Capitol Meadows, is done. Bannon Is done. MGT, will be done Boebert, Will be Done, and more to Come “Daily”. The Jan 6th ‘Commission’ Isn’t (“Hello, hello?”) Fucking ‘Around’. Heads’ll roll & Charges Will ALL be […]

The Juicy jerk toy, who wasted countless cop/Detective Hours (<-Frauds) which Could’ve Been Used For saving other lives/kids wasted On A lying Manipulative Fraud Guilty on ALL five counts. Ha! Good. And, While ‘Justice’ was served, we have far more of It that Needs 2 be doled out 2 & Fast To: Bannon/Gaetz/Etc for openly […]

In today’s “Well No Shit” news Josh Duggar is found guilty of (<-R Felon) of Possessing child porn. Uhh he is a walking Child Molester Who’s now going to jail for 20 Jeeeeez, it’s Almost like Every damn Republican’s projecting when they say the left is filled With Child Molesters, When It Is actually ‘them’ […]

Contempt, Fire & Boris Bash…

December 8th, 2021

And, now we have yet another maga Who’s “Criming” on que <-Jail Date!) Meadows, is in Contempt of a Jan 6th Committee Subpoena Ooooooooooopsy. Some idiots always Want to do It the hard Way. Fair Enough. It is Gonna Get Mighty ‘Painful’. Not, One shred of pity for This shit. Oh And Speaking Of The […]

Former Chief Of Staff Infection Mark Meadows Just decided to ¬†(<-Contempt!) make sure That his life’s legally Ripped Apart. Um, Well, uh Ok Consequences Are Coming and will be “swift” from One Bennie Thompson, & Then Entire Jan 6 Commission. This ‘seems’ to be failed Legal hill they All want to die On. So Be […]

The Fugitive parents of the MI shooter Have now been (Book em!) caught. They ‘parked’ their fucking “car” in front of the place they Were hiding out “Immoral Sociopath” racist monsters…….AND dumb AF What funnier than a bunch of racist Fascist assholes in DC?!? One’s where they all (<-Terrorists) Get Stranded. Ha! And, All kidding […]

Parents Charged & Jobs!

December 3rd, 2021

The parents of the monster who gunned down¬†fellow high school (<-Criminals) students in Cold Blood charged “They” Are Just AS Ghoulish as their Nothing Son. In fact, they Are ‘Charged’ With Involuntary Manslaughter & are ‘Guilty’ AF BUT, They, should Be ‘Charged’ With More. When You Find Out the Parents Were Called before about him […]

GA Wins, Roe No & Darwinism…

December 1st, 2021

Turns out a record 48 D’s won their local races and (Remember Us?) flipped seats from R to D It CAN be done, when ya offer actual popular stuff policy wise. Oh, speaking of Wildly Unpopular Crap The “R packed” Supreme Court is eyein overturnin Roe V Wade. Well, If you Want To Undermine their […]

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