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That’s all she wrote folks. The US Justice Dept just ordered the IRS (Yup!) to Hand over Orange Fucks taxes to Congress. Ooooooops. There’s no Escape from this & It gets way worse on “every level” for ‘it’ with each passin’ day. The legal issues of the Organization, the Terrorist attack & now taxes for […]

While we Do have the Infrastructure Bill passing, & It will, we are now all (“I got this”) going thru the next phase of Jan6th “They all knew”. Most, every, single Republican, In The House, & Senate knew What Was “Coming”. And this Entire Committee Will Discover This Shit, it’s all factually known today & […]

We Have an Unvaccinated Issue in ‘Merica. And when the Gov of (Geeeee!) Alabama says “It’s really just all Unvaccinated To Blame for This” Wow!!! When Kay Ivey, running the Lowest Educated/healthy Or financially stable says, “It is you” IT’S YOU. We all Have a Roll, to keep Us safe. This Will pass, but the […]

Today’s Committee hearing about The Jan 6th “Terrorist Attack”, on (<-Hero’s) our Capitol Was gutwrenching, It was violent, it was disgusting and it Was Brutal To Watch. But What came Out this is seein’ the Hero’s who Rose That day to protect this ‘Great Nation’. Their Accounts Are clear, the facts are clear & all […]

Nancy Pelosi isn’t messing around & all the World best take notice of (Boss Level!) her. She means business, she’s A boss & she has Justice on her side Sounds like An ABC “show” In the late 80’s called Pelosi’s Law”. And you Can bet every Terrorist loving Republican is so Fucked now. She Just […]

The world move Forward and getting Rid of ‘Racist’ hateful (Yup) shit from the Civil War in All Government buildings is just About Damn time. Should’ve never been put There in the 1stplace with Tax$; the bust of KKK leader and Genocidal ‘Maniac’  (Ft. Pillow) Nathen Bedford Forest was removed And During a resurging viral […]

You can lead a dumb racist to Life Saving Water But Ya just (<-Fidots) can’t make em drink. In what can only be called a big death Cult at this point, maga dicks are ‘Actively Choosing’ Death over The ‘Vaccine’. And Most of The R’s Are supporting Em See, What ‘Morons’ don’t ALL Realize; in […]

It seems Republicans who support Domestic Terrorism Aren’t allowed (Indeed) on A committee investigating em Well No shit. You Don’t Go Puttin’ criminals on their own jury. Thats Like Putting Prostitutes In Charge of Promoting ‘Abstinence’. GTFOH Liz Cheney Is a booming voice for the ages (NEVER thought I’d Ever type This) Supporting Pelosi’s Call […]

Today, little Kids All looked skyward to see….A gigantic (Yup!) ‘Flying Penis’ about to fuck the sky in half. Ugh. We all remember how space flight or travel was somethin’ we ALL Cheered for. Now, it is done, By Mega ‘Billionaires’ who instead of tryin’ to out ‘NASA’, ‘NASA’, They Could just pay their taxes […]

What If I told you that two racist hateful, Older, Dying White guys (Can’t, order, tickets!) were Having Trouble selling tix’s to their “Fascist Assholes” Tour? Doesn’t “Surprise” anyone really am I right? Their lack of Policies For Voters & Racist Hate All Just alienated, Most All R’s From This society. So What if I […]

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