You can lead a dumb racist to

Life Saving Water But Ya just


can’t make em drink. In what

can only be called a big death

Cult at this point, maga dicks

are ‘Actively Choosing’ Death

over The ‘Vaccine’. And Most

of The R’s Are supporting Em

See, What ‘Morons’ don’t ALL

Realize; in Their Hate / Blind

ignorance, They’re Killing Off

their Entire Party. That Is so

fine By Me. In Fact, Why not

Go try Denying Death. Jeeez


Are They Dumb. Don’t Wish

ill on Anyone But When you

have a Loving world rooting

For You to live & Ya Yell “Go

fuck yourself“, I just ranout

of fucks 2 give About you &

Have No Pity. Speaking of a

Lots Of ‘Morons’; The House

terrorists Attempt At “Chess”

ended With “Show us all the

Democrats who go vaccines”


The answer? ALL of them ya

morons; what absolute turds

NOTE: Now, Fascist Nazi Republicans Next
“Big Plan”, Go After Dr Fauci To “imprison”
him. Ah yes their party dividing each other
Even More. They Aren’t Going to Exist now

Have A “Safe” Day!

196 Responses to “The Death Cult & “Shame” Backfire…”

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    What a bunch of GQP maroons!

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