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Brexit Stage Left…

June 30th, 2016

Remember the big goofy assed Snow Haired Xenophobic Hater (UK Trump?) moron who started Brexit?!?!? Turns out he’s Stepping Down from Running For Britain’s PM And, he was a shoe-in favorite ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Turns out, Boris Johnson does not know anything about their economy, the EU, math, world […]

BenSnoozie & Trumps Lumps

June 29th, 2016

They already did this same song And Dance 8 Times Before. And (We know) so, onto the 9th “Shit Show Lies” WE PAID FOR IT ALL with all our tax payer money. So they found NOTHING new. Thanks Fuckos!! for Wasting All Our $ & Time for the same ol shit. In fact Gowdey doody […]

In the Clinton E-mails, some of which were Deleted, have come (“Hey now!”) to light. And it Shows that she’s a “Pay to play” politician. Duh? We already knew this. It’s legal to fucking BRIBE all politicians today. Til we see big “Campaign Finance Laws” in place, they all will do it. Not the way […]

If you Watched Anything on the Brit-Exit Vote, You would know (Oooooops) that pound, was “Pounded” last Friday, Dropping 12 points. You would note that it was supposed take 2 Years To Exit, but the EU said, “No, you can go right now!” and they will ‘make’ that happen Make no mistakes, economically speaking, they […]

Surfing Cats…

June 24th, 2016

Yes they exist. Shit what doesn’t on line anymore these days? But these (Cowabunga!) Lil’ fuckers can Hang Paw, while just looking for that Purrrrrrrrrrfect wave All While Properly Tongue Grooming themselves. Hang loose u furry shits NOTE: VERY Big News, On Brit-Exit It Passed, They Have Left The EU & You Can Bet, Bigots […]

The Gun Fun Sit-In…

June 23rd, 2016

Republicans want to block All votes on even bringing up any reasonable (No Shit!) gun control bills. You know shit like “Universal Background Checks”, for All Buyers. Which, 92% of American citizens “want” this (And mostly gun owners). And Simple rational fuckin’ shit, like: “Terrorists on lists can not purchase machines of death”. Forget that […]

The Hate Drumpf Seeks…

June 22nd, 2016

This is one of my saddest posts to date It’s hard 2 withstand this level of racist (We know) hate. Not just the Violent Hate Spewed by a Racist Evil Domestic Terrorist fuck “Trump Supporter”. It’s The REACTION by the all those Cops. He doesn’t have the right to Use Fighting Words Legally speaking by […]

“Hip” Hillary & GeeOP

June 21st, 2016

Hillary wants you to know she’s SO “Hip” with those youngsters (<-Robotic) She does “shelfies” and instapic type stuff. It is so really just our mom or dad trying SO ‘Hard’ to connect when they put “The” in front of actors names. Shit like; “Did that ‘Movie’ you saw, have the Ben Affleck’s in it?!”. […]

Jo Cox was murdered in cold blood by a racist hateful white Nationalist. And (Upsidedown peace symbol?) like everything bad, had the “Opposite” effect the racist intended. They wanted Britain to exist the EU. Now the polling says that they will stay. And the racist Killer accomplished the exact opposite if the political goal they wanted. […]

Can Babies Arm Wrestle?!?!

June 17th, 2016

Yes, they sure can. But honestly it is pretty fucking easy to beat them (<-Kyle) Well, I ‘thought’ it was, until I met Lil Kyle Douglas. Little fucker ’bout ripped my arm out of socket. Ouch NOTE: Britain’s Big ‘Labor’ Party Politician Was Murdered In Cold Blood, By A Far Right Wing Male Racist Tied […]

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