In the Clinton E-mails, some of

which were Deleted, have come

Hillary Clinton saying "Whooa"(“Hey now!”)

to light. And it Shows that she’s

a “Pay to play” politician. Duh?

We already knew this. It’s legal

to fucking BRIBE all politicians

today. Til we see big “Campaign

Finance Laws” in place, they all

will do it. Not the way to go gals

She is bragging about her BIG $

ties and her war chest. The War

Hillary Clinton pointing(He’s with me!)

Chest, good. The people on that

list. BAD; many are Republican

Think about that. She’s THEIR

candidate, cause it’s the money

Lewbowski!!!! Yes, she is better

than Trump. But right now she

is not when it comes to “favors”

They are equal. Just different $

people. With ‘Him’, you also get

the racism, ignorance & insanity

Anti-Abortion Slapped

The Supreme Court, made a big

decision that “struck down” two

RBG great look(“The fuck u thinking”)

provisions, that would try to get

Abortions Clinics undo burdens

to shut them down. It is a VERY

evil underhanded trick to justify

ending All Abortions. It’s a Back

Door Attempt to subvert Roe Vs.

Wade. The ‘Supreme Court’ just

pointed ‘That‘ out & those Texas

Morns Lost. CORRECT Ruling in

stopping An End Around Run By


Lying, ‘Morons’. How, “Christian”

of them?!?!? Thought they hated

“Big Government”, Until It Goes

for: Military, Woman’s uterus or

being Grated Extra rights to just

Discriminate against “them gays”

They also love tax cuts corporate

Government Welfare, & while ALL

shouting “Limited gumberment!!!”

Abortion rights people(So Does The SC)

What They All Mean, is “Limited”

from the “Shit” I don’t Really like

It is a Common Trick used by the

idiots who lost an argument long

ago; but they never accepted that

NOTE: Horrific Suicide Bombing
Took Place In The Turkey Airport
Leaving 10 Dead & 20 Injured. So
Sad, Evil, ‘Disgusting Hate’. We’ll
Find Out Who & Why. Let All The
Facts Come In, Before Judgement
(UPDATE: 50 Dead & 60 Injured)
It Was A Multiple Suicide Bombin
This Is Pure Unacceptable Horror

Have a day!

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