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NC New Election & Cohen My Way…

February 21st, 2019

After OVERT Republican Absentee Ballot Voter Fraud (which is Extremely rare) it (Fuck off!) is Now, Going Hold A Brand New Election The 9th districts Mark Harris Broke Down knowing he had A LOT to do with the shit Well cry me a River ya assholes. They all STOLE an election from the People & […]

Fucker Tarlson & Mueller….

February 20th, 2019

A guy goes on a FOX Show to tell the Truth, Does, & is Called awful names (We know) This sounds like a joke setup, doesn’t it?!?!?!? Well, It Isn’t. Dutch Historian Rutger Bregman ‘Exposed’ Fucker Boy for his Ethno-Nationalist Racist Views If You Watch FOX Noise, I’m So Sorry It Is Not Just Watching […]

As the Orange Asshole prepares for the rest of his short life in jail……….like his buddy Paul (Bye Bye) Manafort Is Going to “DIE” There. Yes, you read that correctly. As all kings horses & all the kings felons are getting charged at light speed, Flynn Is Now In Even Hotter & More Treasonous water. […]

Smollet Fraud & McCabe Heroics…

February 18th, 2019

Happy 44 Out Of 45 Presidents Day People! Remember my post about Jussie Smollet on (Yep) January 29th? Yeah, well, turns out he lied about the ENTIRE Fucking thing. He Staged the Entire Hate Crime. YES you read it right I quote VingĀ Rhames from One Pulp Fiction: “You’ve lost All Your Chicago Privileges” Pal And […]

The Orange Slug Had The Mother Of All Melt Downs today with Reporters. And as he was (Crazytown) turning into A Big Bullshit Puddle, he Said a real Honest Thing: “I didn’t Need to Do this” Accidental Honesty From The Lying Machine And boy Did His “Stroke Victim” Word Salad hit an alltime low. This […]

Happy Valentines Day to You All! All I Got was a box of shit. Is that bad?!?!?! And to top it all (Putin me on!) off the fat Orange Fuck-sicle, who couldn’t get his stupid Moron “wall” from An ALL Far Right Republican “Lead” Congress in 2 Years, calling for a National Emergency To “STEAL” […]

Democrats “Give Away’s”…

February 13th, 2019

As Orange Anus decides to Play around with his Golf “Stimulator” during Executive Time, (Truth) the rest of citizens wants nothin’ at all given to The ‘Fat Lying Yelling Sociopathic Toddler’ When you Negotiate with immoral lyin prick frauds they STILL get somethin’ they always wanted. Attention. Democrats offered Rump $1.375 Billion for “barrier funding” […]

Camera Man Attacked…

February 12th, 2019

As we are trying to Avert a 2ND Government Shutdown, “Solely” created by REPUBLICANS (Hope so!) And, ONLY for a Wall All of American Doesn’t want/need, That is like Holding A Gun to The head of Someone else and when ya get what you want, un-cocking the hammer. No that’s not what a Representative Democracy […]

What’s that, you didn’t Watch the Grammy’s last night Like 89% Of America?!?!? People Are More (We Know) interested in How Jeff Bezo’s Got “White Mailed” with Dick Pics. Seems A Pecker tried to give him the Ol Shaft. He was Trying to ‘White Male’ Jeffy Actually At Lil Peckers Request it was One Dylan […]

In what can only be called the “Biggest Waste Of Time” Known To Man, aside from Watching (“I’ll not tell”) paint dry & Hoping Your Cheating Wife Stops Acting, & I use the term loosely, AG Matthew “Lex Doucher” Whitaker had to answer many questions From Congress Today. He didn’t & it was A Horribly […]

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