Smollet Fraud & McCabe Heroics…

February 18th, 2019

Happy 44 Out Of 45 Presidents Day People!

Remember my post about Jussie Smollet on


January 29th? Yeah, well, turns out he lied

about the ENTIRE Fucking thing. He Staged

the Entire Hate Crime. YES you read it right

I quote VingĀ Rhames from One Pulp Fiction:

“You’ve lost All Your Chicago Privileges” Pal

And this Disgusting Little Shit, Wasted Cops

Time (Detectives Valuable Time) That Could

have been used To Find Other ACTUAL Evil

criminals who are at large. He’s in very deep


trouble legally now as well. Speakin of deep

legal trouble McCabe’s 60 minutes interview

spells JAIL TIME for The Orange Anus Paste

He handed Mueller everything Trump said &

did. Including Recordings. It is Fait accompli

NOTE: Republican Voter Fraud In North Carolina With
Written in Absentee Ballots Directly effecting outcome

Have a day!


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