The Orange Slug Had The Mother Of All Melt

Downs today with Reporters. And as he was


turning into A Big Bullshit Puddle, he Said a

real Honest Thing: “I didn’t Need to Do this”

Accidental Honesty From The Lying Machine

And boy Did His “Stroke Victim” Word Salad

hit an alltime low. This legally ends them all

since he just publicly “lied” about his reason

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NOTE: Mike “Old Stiff Partisany Prick” Pence, Has His
Words Come Back, To Dust The Snow, Off His Stupid
Head. He Warned, About Presidents, Going Around, A
Sitting Congress. Hmmmmm Guess that Only Applies
to Democratic Leaders. Such a lyin’ asshole hypocrite
NOTE II: An Active shooter in Aurora Illinois was just
confirmed dead. This Just Happened Moments Ago At
The Henry Pratt Company  (Prairie & Highland Ave) &
Victims/Dead Have Not Been Told, As Of Yet. Horrific!
Much Love, That Is MY Home City. I “Grew Up” There
(At 6:19pm- The ‘List’ Now: 5 Dead, & Gunman Dead)

Have a weekend!


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