No N Korea Deal & C-CRAP…

February 28th, 2019

Is Trump Now a War Hero Because he was

officially Shot Down in Hanoi?!?!?!?! ZING!

(Fat & Fatter)

I kid. Actually Trump Didn’t Do Horribly At

this Round of Negotiations. This means he

didn’t shit in his Hand & Fling it at Jong Un

We all Understand When talks Break Down

The fact the orangeass walked away was a

good thing. Now after that factual note, he

shit the bed Agreeing with a lunatic dictator

over the Murder of Otto Warmbier. WTF?!?!

Jeeeeeeeeezzzzusss. Enough! And speaking

of “enough” the usual collection of wanna B

(<-Failed Gov)

Fascists/Up & Coming Nazi’s were at C-PAC

It’s a virtual who’s Who of paid partisan ass

hack Lying Frauds. This Ends Badly for their

party after Hitching Their Fuck Truck to Don

The Con. Enjoy Your Impending Karma Kids

NOTE: YES, ‘Republican’ Mark Meadows Is “Racist”, We
Have The Footage Of His ‘Birtherism Hate’ For Openers
These Immoral Racist Motherfuckers must be called out

Have a day!


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