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It’s Draft Day in Chicago! Buckle up bitches It is ON like Donkey Kong. Sunny and I will (Bring it!) heading over there tonight for the coverage and the Bears pick 7th & we’ll see. My guess is, they take the WR White, if he’s there at 7 This should be a blast. They have […]

It all the rioting and madness, one mom stood out above all others. She is just “Yellow Mom” (Boom, pow!) And when she saw her son dressed in all black with a covered face, and a rock, she just: “Lost it”. It seems Toya Graham is the “new face” of parenting these days for Inner […]

If you have a TV or live on this planet, by now you have heard of Freddie Gray’s death, and it (Yes) was evil. And, now you’ve also heard about the riots that erupted because of it all. Protest is a great thing…..rioting/looting/violence is NOT Look, in order to effect or get change you must […]

Cops Kill Another Citizen…

April 27th, 2015

This makes me projectile vomit. Freddie Gray was killed, in cold blood, by evil hateful racist (Freddie Gray killed) cops in Baltimore. Period. End of story. THIS isn’t up for debate. “Eye Contact”, with a Cop is now Grounds for police to chase, abuse and kill Freddie Gray? Cops do stuff called “Nickle Rides” where […]

*John ramming his finger up his nose digging for green gold* Oh, hi there, didn’t see you; I was in “Nostril Nugget heaven” (Yummm) we all do it, we all see the hot girl driving in bad traffic, who is jamming a finger up there for Green Goodies. Then, when she see us noticing her […]

It seems Scotty “Fuck Them Gays” Walker will go to a Gay Wedding Reception but still thinks (Yep) it’s against the Law. He’s against Gay Marriage but not against Booze, food, and a little Kool & The Gang jamming. Guess the cake is too hard to pass up Scotty boy. Ah yes, Republicans with the […]

Suckin The Political Koch!

April 22nd, 2015

Oh those Koch brothers are hedging their bets alright. And, the line is getting pretty (Done & doner) long now. It’s Rand Paul, Cruzy, and Scott Walker. All with their ‘hands out’ offering to do all their biddin’ if elected. Don’t you worry; they won’t ever get elected. They’re unelectable for average American Citizens The […]

A New York woman and her teenaged niece are accused of beating a middle school teacher to a (Poor teacher) point of unconsciousness on Wednesday. Sooo, 34 year-old Annika McKenzie decided to BEAT niece’s teacher, Catherine Engelhardt. So badly she was unconscious. Her 12 year old daughter claims that Engelhardt: “Put her hands on her” […]

*Rolls Eyes* No, it never was, it just got a gun and a badge instead of a klan sheet. I’m lookin (Not lately ass!) at YOU Missouri. Parma, Missouri ‘elected’ its first African American woman as mayor. Then 5 of 6 white cops QUIT. They ALL cited “safety concerns”. Yes, like being held accountable for […]

Euphemisms For Vagina…

April 17th, 2015

Possibly one the best things to do is come up with Euphemisms for the Wand Garage (Yes you can!) Here are the best I have to date right now: -Boner Parking -The Tuna Tunnel -Beef Curtains -Sperm Depository -Pecker Sheath -Penis Peak-A-Boo -Sausage Slot -The Junk Shack -Meat Whistle Coat -Pud Place -Hump House Now, […]

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