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The Dumbest Politican…

April 16th, 2015

Louie “Don’t cast aspersions on my Asparagus” Gohmert doesn’t know basic simple stuff about (“Derp!”) our Governmental immigration system. And he decides to try and berate a person about issues he clearly has NO CLUE ABOUT. He, was asking the director of the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Sarah Saldana about issues she is not […]

It seems we have an ‘Iran deal’, but the TeaOP hates it. They hate ‘peace’. They do not want it (Yes, again) Anything & I mean ANYTHING to punch holes in peace talks with Iran. And pussy Democrats are playing right along. Read that again. It’s a group of ‘Super Puss Douchey Democrats’ that that […]

Rubio Rides In Clown Car…

April 14th, 2015

Marco, Rubio. Marco, Rubio. Marco, Rubio Yes, we get it. It is like trying to find the guy (Remember “Water World”?) with your eyes closed(opening them doesn’t make it any better). It seems the Republican Clown Car is all gassed up ready for a “Loud goofy laugh riot in 2016”. And in other news Mitch […]

Right on que of knowing water is wet, the sun is hot and birds chirp; Hillary Clinton announced she’s IN (“Just the tip”) We all already knew this, which isn’t a big deal. But, what is, is who she gets her donor $ from. Goldman Sachs, and other Wall Street/”K Street whores” who all expect […]

FINALLY!!! It’s about time we had an actual use for babies aside from photographs and a place to (“Goo goo $”) to put all our lives failures into. Baby Investment Bankers is the wave of the “future”. They not only make big $, they also look cute, & they ALL make boom booms in their […]

It’s not going well for any presidential campaign when you, on national TV decide to say this gem (And exits…) “I’ve been universally short tempered, & testy with both male & female reporters” And THAT is how you tell America you DO NOT have the correct temperament to be president of the United States. Forget, he […]

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to another cop shooting dead an unarmed black man. So it’s (Oh no!) now happening sadly on a weekly basis. Wait it was always happenin’ at this frequency but now it is being filmed by hero citizens to help A White South Carolina Cop Michael T. Slager is 33. He shot in […]

Voting ending today, so remember to go out VOTE today. Your vote matters it SO counts (Vote for me!) My prediction is Rahm will win because HE finally got it that Chicagoians weren’t loving the job he has done. Even in his political ads AFTER the 1st election he looked right into a camera saying, […]

Basbeall Opening Day 2015!

April 6th, 2015

Well last Night as well, but all day long Hopefully the White Sox start out HOT (Bring it!) Opening day means everyone starts off undefeated. But at the end of the day no BIG Mayorial election tomorrow. Every one should VOTE. It’s you duty. I said it NOTE: Short post today, very sick now Have […]

MLB The Show 15…

April 3rd, 2015

Is the reason I’m not answering my phone Or e-mail, or texts or posting on-line aside (Fo sho!) from this. Sorry, “this years” game, is even better than last years. And that is  saying a lot. Better Graphics, Smoother play on ALL levels (hitting, pitching, fielding etc), & this ability to play as the older […]

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