Rubio Rides In Clown Car…

April 14th, 2015

Marco, Rubio. Marco, Rubio. Marco, Rubio

Yes, we get it. It is like trying to find the guy

Rubio water world(Remember “Water World”?)

with your eyes closed(opening them doesn’t

make it any better). It seems the Republican

Clown Car is all gassed up ready for a “Loud

goofy laugh riot in 2016”. And in other news

Mitch McConnell’s running as “Strong black

women with an independent spirit”. Yeeeesh

it’s getting thick in here. Forget Republicans

just offered a $269 BILLION tax cut for ALL

the billionaires in our country in the HOUSE

Yes, you read that correctly. No food stamps

for the poor, & gut all social safety nets to all

benny-hinn(TeaOP helpin’ the poor!)

BUT don’t touch the top .0001% cash, in fact

give them more. The House is seeking to just

repeal the Inheritance Tax. But remember IT

is ALL about cutting spending, & balance?!?!

Right, they’re going to have a tough time this

Election Cycle explaining they care about any

one else. Because they fucking don’t. Not ever

NOTE: Cop Bates Charged In Fatal Shooting
With 2nd Degree Manslaughter. Gooooooood

Have a day!

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