Happy Wednesday! Welcome to another cop

shooting dead an unarmed black man. So it’s

Police Officer Fatal Shooting(Oh no!)

now happening sadly on a weekly basis. Wait

it was always happenin’ at this frequency but

now it is being filmed by hero citizens to help

A White South Carolina Cop Michael T. Slager

is 33. He shot in the back & killed an unarmed

50 year old black male for a “Broken Taillight”

Yes you read that correctly. The dead persons

name is Walter Scott. Now, Scott did flee due

to “outstanding warrants” for family court and

Michael Thomas Slager(Murderer)

back Child Pay. He was scared. Well, Michael

chased him into grassy lot where he Tased em

Scott broke free & was shot in the back 5 times

The Cop Slager radioed that: “Shots fired, and

the subject is down. He took my Taser”. NOPE

he didn’t take his “taser”. In fact, in a video he

‘planted’ the taser next to Scott AFTER he was

dead. This happens far too much in society, &

to not only black people, but the poor and ALL

the powerless. Were this NOT filmed, that Cop

Police Officer Fatal Shooting(Drew fast)

skates free killing him. That is 90% of the time

Now, imagine how often this happened, before

filming these evil criminal murderers?!? OFTEN

In this ‘case’ the cop was finally charged with a

murder. Think of the other 90% of cases where

they are NOT. THAT IS the problem, right NOW

Not all cops are bad, that’s crazy. But, this isn’t

a “few bad apples” here. This is clearly systemic

UPDATE: Mayor vows Body Cams For All Cops
NOTE: Rahm was “elected as Mayor”, as I said
he would be yesterday. Mehh, we’ll see if those
promises to be better are kept. We’re watching

Have a day!

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