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Flynn Fucked all of you turds It seems, all the Q dopes are (Down they go!) suckers, chumps, rubes and Worse. Flynn just said he Is laughing At These Idiots for believing his Lies. How Sick These people are Desperate, mentally Ill & Believe in the abject absurd Which Is Just ruining their Own lives. […]

Fun Fauci, DOJ & Dorsey Done…

November 29th, 2021

The thing about attacking a Lifelong “Intelligent” Career (Yes ya did!) caring Virologist like old Dr. Fauci, do not miss; & every Reich Winger Does. It’s like shootin’ Air balls on Jordan Turd Cruz, was “Mocked” & Deserved IT all. And Ratass Head Rand Paul, Also Got A big fat slammin. Omicron’s here & is […]

Black Eye Friday & Hate…

November 26th, 2021

If you want it, don’t punch somebody for it. Go online (Don’t hit it!) Zing! They Are just Things Nothing ‘more’. Things can be “replaced”. People can’t Be cool, be smart. And, as we’re speaking of that, it’s clear R’s(especially Lauren Boebert) decided to try to “apologize” for her racism Nope. That is Exactly who […]

Happy T-Day, Get Stuffed!

November 25th, 2021

Hope that all of you & yours have a wonderful day. Make (Gobble til ya wobble) it a blast cause we Got a lot to be thankful for like loose Sweat Pants. ZING! And, IF anyone wants 2 talk politics keep it Civil. Measured tone And remember this gem: “A Person Is Always Entitled to […]

Guilty on Almost All Charges Justice stands tall today and (<-Racist killers) this is a strong day for lawful court decisions. While We All celebrate This and Our entire Legal system, We have much work To Still Do Ensuring We have Justice for ALL (Cough) ‘Kenosha Judge’. And This Is VERY ‘Important’. A Majority White […]

The Abuser, Cruiser & Loser…

November 23rd, 2021

A loud lying maga chode has Withdrawn, From his Senate (Turds of a feather) Race Because He “Physically” abused his entire family. Uh, what a disgusting monster & of course Orange Anus loved him/endorsed him. All these fat “cretins” are Going Down at Light speed; By their Own criminal hands. And while it is happening, […]

A monster drove an SUV thru a fun happy Xmas parade on (Heartbroken) Saturday, Killing 5 & Injuring 40 others. I’m sick Utterly so sick Inside that Evil like this’s on this “Planet”. This Can not stand. We have a dire mental health crisis in The country & must directly fact It. Speakin’ of “Dire”, […]

FliBluster, Fixed & Bill Passed!

November 19th, 2021

What’s White, Loudly Lies & hates Democracy more with (<-Turd Parade) each passing day? Why that would Be The “Republicans” Kevin decided to spew utter lunacy hate/lies For no real Reason, because They Offer No Actual Policies To Enact Rittenhouse Trial Was fixed (Yes indeed) From The start & a Murder Was Acquitted. And All […]

Bannon Bitch Slapped & Cringe…

November 18th, 2021

The judge in the Bannon case has had enough. Literally, it’s (Ooooops) enough. He, is, so, screwed in every possible way legally, so there is nowhere else to go at This Point. This Is An ‘Orange’ guy Appointed judge but, see the Law Is the law. It’s not at All “PARTISAN” As All The R’s […]

The FBI just raided a lying Q turd Connected Directly With (Oooops) Lauren Boebert’s ‘Campaign’ election. Ooooops. Shit they are going down faster than a a fat Drunk kid on Ice skates These ‘Immoral Criminal’ R’s are piling up by the day and ‘More’ are Coming Fast. You can Bet there’s really nuthin’ more Republicans […]

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