A monster drove an SUV thru

a fun happy Xmas parade on


Saturday, Killing 5 & Injuring

40 others. I’m sick Utterly so

sick Inside that Evil like this’s

on this “Planet”. This Can not

stand. We have a dire mental

health crisis in The country &

must directly fact It. Speakin’

of “Dire”, Some Good folks At


Fox Noise just Quit In protest

of incitin White Supremacists

Wow! Make No ‘Mistake’ Here

They see all sick violence and

likely legal damage All comin’

This is Their warning To All of

them. Oooops. And Finally we

See Direct, Indisputable Legal

evidence, That Orange Things

(R Terrorists)

WH “Coordinated” with all of

the terrorists. They, all, done

NOTE: The Only Un-Civil War Coming Is
to the Republican party. The orange ass
Party & The Pence Party. Split That vote!
RIP: To Comedy Writer /Actor SNL Peter
Aykroyd dies At 66 his Java Junkie short
was amazin. What a talented funny man

Have A “Safe” Day!

7 Responses to “Car Killer, Fleeing Fox & Busted…”

  1. John Bolger

    Oh boy, the Jan 6th Republican Terrorists are going thru legal hell. Good!

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