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X-mas Lights, & Suckabee!

December 19th, 2012

Are X-mas lights really just the mind war of suburban penis size? Of course. If I have “more” lights, & “better display’s” people will (“Warp 5!”) pay “MORE attention to ME”. See, I say, just cut out the middle man. Spend all the $ you’d put into a bunch of tangled & crappy light will […]

Shooting Sadness In Connecticut

December 15th, 2012

Sorry today we were supposed to have jokes & talk about a friends new comedy short. But reality had a other plans. A mass shooting (20 children dead) of elementary school children happened today. It’s terribly sad, & far past any words I can say. To the families, siblings, & friends it is with the […]

Mitt Romney! Wow, at least he finally won something. Actually it was Rush Limpballs who is winning the on-line poll with his big (“Loud noises!”) “Obamacare is the biggest tax in history” insane lie. But Mittens lies were well documented all along the way. His Jeep ad lies, & his “you didn’t build that” meme […]

Right-To-Jerk, Psy’s Past…

December 12th, 2012

Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder, decided to use his his office to magically turn the entire state into a “right-to-work” “I’m this big a dick”) state…AFTER he promised he wouldn’t. Oh for shits sake. Really? He lied, but it’s what Republican’s do. They serve their corporate masters biding to “stomp out unions”. But there was […]

Senator Mitch McConnell decided to filibuster…..his own fucking bill (Dude, really?!?!) Holy shit balls! Wow, just wow. You are a special kind of ass-clown if you ask for an up & down vote, then decide when Democrats agree to it, you NOW say, “Oh shit, I didn’t think you’d actually do this, so um I […]

The Republican party panics as the Titanic quickly slips into the cold icy death waters forever. While the rich make a power grab for all the (Yeeeeeeeeeesh) life boats, as the poor look on awaiting their fate. So Billy Zane’s just prowlin the deck looking for his “bitch”. Meanwhile in the real world Tea Turd […]

Sure they have a big tax cut extension to discuss. Sure it directly effects if middle class families buy stuff for the X-mas holidays (Truth) But guess what???? THEY’RE TIRED & need a break, so they all left early for a nice 5 fucking day weekend…..while the rest of us are left swimming in the […]

GOP Implosion, FOX Is Dickless

December 5th, 2012

Wow, did you lose weight?!?! No? Oh, then my Lasik’s surgery was a total fucking botch. At least now my skewed insane vision is just (Knew it, they’re just shitfaced) closer to the current Republican party in congress. Now the GOP’s eating their own. 2 Tea Party Turd Republican’s were booted from the budget committee, […]

With tax cuts expiring as soon as 2013 hits, it is funny that the GOP is now wondering “Hey, who’s THIS Obama?”. What does (Election was clear) “TNS” mean? It means “taking no shit”. He’s fucking done with these children in the GOP. It floored John Boner Boy badly the other day with “I was […]

Turns out they do “exist”. Odd how that works even though Israel wants to pretend they don’t exist. Um, yeah, they do (Both of you knock it off) occupy space & time so no matter how much you don’t like somebody, or want them “not to exist”, they do. Now, does Hamas can go suck […]

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