Senator Mitch McConnell decided to filibuster…..his own fucking bill

(Dude, really?!?!)

Holy shit balls! Wow, just wow. You are a special kind of ass-clown if

you ask for an up & down vote, then decide when Democrats agree to

it, you NOW say, “Oh shit, I didn’t think you’d actually do this, so um

I am gonna decide to STILL say NO!!!!!!”. It’s just like that one kid in

class who thought, “If we all drop our pencils at 2:30, our teacher will

(“2 brain cells left”)

not punish us ALL, right?!?!”. Wrong-o, then the entire class gets one

big ass extra homework assignment since we all did it. Sadly, you are

seeing the end of the entire Republican party. They offer no policy, no

solutions to our current problems, & no leadership. When the 1st and

only response to ANYTHING, idea, compromise, policy, or law that’ll

(Mitch’s cousin)

move us forward is “NO, go fuck yourself!”. They’ve ceased to exist as

an actual political party. They are now ignorant hateful obstructionists

And the beauty of it all; they did it all directly to themselves with hate

If your only goal as a lawmaker is never making laws, you’ll find your

ass out of job quickly. It’s like a “baseball player” who can’t play a lick

(Nice Zune logo!)

Forget that Mitch doesn’t even know what the debt ceiling IS. It’s not

incurring more debt, it is paying off the fucking bills we already OWE

But now this shit. I’d say this is the lowest, but they got farther to go

FOX Outraged At White House X-mas Card With Dog Bo

The White House X-mas card highlights their dog Bo, in front of the

White House. Which instantly sent the right wing whack machine in

(“Commie Nazi Alien Dog!”)

to “super hyper douchebag fake lying outrage” mode. For you see, he

didn’t put the words “Christmas” into the card, or have anything else

about religion in it. Ohhhhh noooooo! Forget Reagan had no mention

or W. Bush had 1 with dogs too. It’s always been non-denominational

But what did the “inside” of the “commie” card say????? “This season,
may your home be filled with family, friends, & the joy of the holidays.”

(This is rock bottom FOX)

Yep, it’s still always crazytown over there 24-7 with just a tiny gulp of

“sanity air” over there. Shep Smith is good, & u can tell Greta’s trying

But most of them are just repeating “faux outrage” they’d never do if

a Republican were in office. It’s sad, silly, & telling they need to make

shit up, when their are actually valid reasons to be upset with Obama

But it’s not about reality. It never has been. It’s about filling a political

(Try Guardian UK, etc)

agenda of using FOX as a 24-7 marketing arm of the Republican partm

to publicly support, lie, and help elect the most Republicans it ever can

It’s losing viewers by the day. Oh, not but because all of the hateful lies

It’s they’re all sadly dying off, & the younger kids and other people have

the internet to know FOX is utterly full of shit & can debunk their crap

in less than 5 seconds. They picked the wrong market that is shrinking

Tomorrow: FOX actually has a valid point about Psy’s past hate lyrics
And Thursday, a peek at a new funny comedy short about Superman

Have a day!

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