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A waitress at Applebee’s got this receipt from a customer: (what a douche) Oddly it’s a female pastor named Alois Bell & wrote this: “I give God 10% – why do you get 18?” *crossed out tip* then added the word “Pastor”. So Chelsea Welch posted the receipt on reddit, and it went crazy viral […]

Gun Nuts, Go Nuts…

January 30th, 2013

One of the parents of the Sandy Hook shooting, went to testify & explain his views in Hartford at the request of (Neil Heslin & son) the city counsel. He was asked to speak about the entire of assault weapons. What happened next is pretty sick: Some big NRA 2nd amendment whackjobs shouted out It […]

John Kerry Get’s SOS…

January 29th, 2013

John Kerry was appointed today by all other white guys Which is about the only thing he’s won in his entire life (Longest chin ever) That, & having a much nicer wife than he could ask for He was just sort of this big turd running in 04, as Bush lite. Dude could suck the […]

For the GOP, since they can’t win with the current demographics, then it’s time they simply changed all the rules to their advantage (Word!) They want the rural areas to count MORE for voting, splitting up the Electoral College votes. Jeeeeeeze, they’re not even shy about the whole “Evil Cheating Shit” anymore. Sure the Democrats […]

New “Fart” Invented!

January 25th, 2013

some discover new elements, others invent the next big thing But as for me? Just coined a new fart term: “the taint shaker” (Very profound) It is where it rebounds so damn hard, your taint gets rocked You’re welcome! I’m only here to serve you great smart folks Well that, and slowly struggle through life […]

Joe Biden, AKA Mr. Gaffes A Lot, is always good for one or 5, but he’s a lovable goof. Like Ford, or other goofs, it (true) is always funny. Old “Rice Noodles” Hair decided to say: “The guy I now serve with…………………..I’m proud to be president of the United States” *pause* LAUGHTER Oh Joey, what […]

Ah, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like any “Liberals” these days. Really “any day” for that matter. That’s nice. But why? Ohhhhh, see (Jackass) he hates something called “Social Justice” AKA fair treatment for all Americans. O’Reilly hates it, when everyone gets equal protection under the law. Mostly because in order to have this all taxes will […]

“Gun Shows” Shot In Foot

January 22nd, 2013

There’s just nothing funnier on National Gun Appreciation Day, than having some shooting accidents from gun owners (Irony) It’s supposed to be a big display for responsible gun owners There were a number of accidental discharged firearms all over. 3 people were injured at the NC Dixie gun show. The irony? It happened at a […]

I had a dream, that everyone got the day off everywhere Ohhhhhhhh dream achieved. Equality, well, that’s a little (We do!) different. We still have a long way to go on all that shit, but we’re making serious progress by all accounts today Obama starts his 2nd term today. You know I have my issues […]

That’s Takes Ball…

January 18th, 2013

Oh, you read it right. Lance Armstrong, only has one left And he’s using it to have an “fake apology” interview with (“I’m a dick”) Orca. He’s not sorry, he’s not sincere, & 100% full of shit He’s got a lot a balls for only have one. I say we all ask the country to […]

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