Ah, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like any “Liberals” these days. Really

“any day” for that matter. That’s nice. But why? Ohhhhh, see


he hates something called “Social Justice” AKA fair treatment

for all Americans. O’Reilly hates it, when everyone gets equal

protection under the law. Mostly because in order to have this

all taxes will have to go up, on the highest earners in America

FOX, Billo, & the far right doesn’t WANT a level playing field

(No, you can’t)

If it’s “level” they can’t discriminate against women, Latino’s

gays, Hispanics, African American’s, atheists, progressives,

teachers, union workers, labors, lawyers, or any sane people

They’re not a political party any more. They’re nutty insane

children screaming, “I always get everything I want, or die”

Hilary Clinton Testifies, Partisan Sparks Fly

Look, we made mistakes in Benghazi for sure. We could have

done more protection there. The reason we didn’t put extra

(Let me answer)

$ into security was because of REPUBLICANS cutting it all

But it is not about the horrible 4 American’s dying there, or

knowing why it happened, or preventing it from happening

again. It’s all about trying to use the deaths to score political

points, hurt Democrats, and pretend Obama did this tragedy,


as if it was all “a cover up”. It wasn’t ever, but that won’t stop

the nutty batshitcrazy bullies of the GOP. Rand Paul decided

to say THIS was the “Worst tragedy since 9/11”. WTF?!?!?!?

McCain, AKA, “Mr. Old Man Cranky Slacks” is not satisfied

with Clinton’s answer. Which in turn means he doesn’t like


the CIA’s, or the FBI’s, or realities answer. The translation?

“I don’t fucking like the 2008 election results you assholes”

If John’s so worries about American Death’s, look at Sandy

Hook, Aurora, & Tuscon shootings. Hurricane help for 100’s

But ohhhhhhhhhh noooooooo, screw that stuff. You can lay

NSA tapping, drone strikes, & billionaire tax cuts on Obama

(jamming out)

But this shit’s literally the nonsensical ravings of a clown car

filled with loud idiots crapping themselves with partisan poo

It is my birthday today. Shit balls, I feel so old, the industrial

revolution seems like yesterday to me. I’m so damn old, that

I played Marco Polo as a kid, and Jesus was my 1st bromance

Have a day!

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