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While The Shock of Biden Dropping out of the Race is still waring off, it (Surprised ya!) seems clear this was so preplanned long Ago. As An Independent, they, The D’s Pleasantly Surprised Me. It goes to show, a little thought and a little Careful Planning, shit all goes very Well. We are Watching History […]

The media & D Elite all wanted Biden out of the race. And now (Been a ride!) he Has Officially “Dropped Out” And While That was NOT At all how he Deserved to be treated, “HE” Had the Last Word in The form of A letter to All American People/Voters. He Did ‘This’ For the […]

How many felons does it take to screw In A Lightbulb? It Doesn’t (Yup!) Matter, Most Of Them Are Busy speakin’ at the RNC Convention They aren’t law & order they’re simply Criminal assholes who a jury found Guilty. It Is no rogue system they’re all just criminals (Guilty!) Stop breaking the Law. Speakin’ Of […]

The “RNC Convention” Is goin’ over about as well as a lead balloon; ha! (Yup!) Not Only Are ‘Maga & Many’ Other R’s all pissed at the pick: all of the racists(most of the party) hate he has An Indianian Wife & Family. It ‘Pisses off’ Hard maga & Groypers The Entire “Thing” Is A […]

Well, well Judge “In Magas Pocket” Cannon has now “stepped all in it” (Disgusting!) She just dismissed the illegal docs case all Based on “Nothing legally valid”. There IS in fact a legal and Constitutional Right, For A DOJ To “Appoint, ‘A Special’ Consul”. And, NO Amount, Of “Trying” Thomas’s Invalid Theory’ll Sway The Courts […]

Well well, it turns out that voters Really ‘Love’ their Rights. In Fact, (Yes!!!) “Voting By Mail”, is All Upheld In Wisconsin, Utah, & Alabama. Ha! This is a Legal deathblow against Maga “Voter Suppression Tactics” that’s Great news. And for all the Insane Democratic hang Ringing About Biden, the Media Is Really ‘Losing Touch’ […]

We now have an official Investigation into the crimes of Clarance Thomas & (<-Corrupt Crook) you can bet Sam Alito’s next; ooooops The Facts Are Already Clear that Snow ‘Ball’ Thomas, Already Committed The “Crimes” Of Federal Ethics Violations & ‘Tax Law Fraud’. And….’Things’ Will Get way worse as even more Crimes come to light. […]

The media in the states plays ad revenue games with the Presidential Race, Others (Change!) All over the world are treating it with the correct serious Grave concern it requires Turns Out, Nazi Fascists Are Not So Very Popular With Voters these Days. Ah, who knew?!(Makes Stupid Face). The UK Just Told Maga/Fascists/Putin To Go […]

Well well, turns out Fat Felon was always Hanging Out with a Rapist (Vile Criminals) of 14 Year Old Girls. My My, How so very “Christian” of him. We all Know He’s a Felon Traitor Fascist Racist sociopath. And so, in other terrifyin news a maga Spokesass directly States He’s A Traitor who wants a […]

We Fought A Revolutionary War to “Rid” ourselves of Kings above the (Traitors flank) Law. And, Almost On Our Nations Birthday, the Traitors on The High ‘Supreme Court’ Just Made a King again. WTF?!?! So now Presidents have “immunity” When Doing any “Official Acts”?!?! Well, I guess we Have Biden As A King For A […]

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