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We have a brand new day in this nation. No one. NO one is above (Tuesday!) the Law. This isn’t a about party or politics. It’s about integrity of our legal system, the courts, our Institutions & Justice for All. It’s just that simple. We have a Rule of Law. And, what Do The R’s […]

Republican’s can’t govern. In fact, They actively Refuse too (<-Treason) And….”Gym” Jordan ‘Decided’ to treat a “Hearing” like a big ‘Partisan’, Rule Breaking Shit Show. He broke “Chair Rules” & Lies non-stop About no R’s being able to “Cross Examine” all the Jan 6th witnesses. The (Cowards) facts: 2 R’s Were on it & They […]

As Republican’s all openly admit They Choose “Guns/Weapons of (It’s GUNS!) war” over children’s lives, all the rest of Society Has clearly Heard ALL of them. Take your abortion, book banning “2 protect the kids” Bullshit & Fuck ALL The Way Off Voters, have ‘Had’ ENOUGH of it And, Until The Media/Press Keep on Pressing […]

Make No mistake here, letting Innocent children die daily’s a (R’s on guns) VERY Specific ‘Choice’ For R’s And They ALL ‘Chose’ it, With noescape from consequences of such an “immoral ghoulish” decision. They, do, NOT, Care! They’ve said it over & over & fucking OVER again. A sitting (AND Kids) House Member, Tim Burchett […]

Another Day, ANOTHER Mass Shootin with Weapons of war (<-R’s) This time, 3 Children are dead & three adults. It’s, the, GUNS stupid! The #1 cause of all this ‘Violence’ IS Republican’s Who refuse to do Anything Rational or Real about Gun Control aka Better UBC’s, register them all, Insurance, Finger Print Bullets, Ban Assault […]

TFG’s lawyer just Spent over 3 Hours in Front Of A Grand (Yup!) Jury. TFG is going down and there’s NO Escape. In fact It will Be Non-Stop legal Ruling & Jail Time, Hitting Him with each week. And all his Death threats aren’t only illegal but Targeted Alvin Bragg Directly (Bingo!) ‘today’. These Racist, […]

Today, ‘Marks’ The Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act way (Love it!) back in 2010. It is a Landmark Policy that was passed To help ALL “American’s”. Republicans can’t govern & all they Do is a lot of lies/hate/screaming and Zero Policies or Solutions that Voters actually want. And now (“Ya done!”) Jordan, McCarthy, & […]

In a Series of Legal Problems for TFG, with more Appearing every (Yup!) day, Judges/Courts aren’t playin Around here. In fact now he has over “5 Other Legal” Court cases makin’ there way thu the system And one Judge In The Trump org case is DONE with all Their delay tactics. The Judge said Trial […]

So Jim Jordan is Now Interferrin’ with the current NYC Grand Jury (No Shit!) Proceeding. As Are Several Other R’s right Now. This “legally” Ends so badly for them. So fine by me Rand “Traitor” Paul, Is Also trying to obstruct justice. See these are ALL Illegal Things ya can’t do but they don’t care. […]

Indictments are now here for TFG & He / All Criminal Lying (Bye Bye!) Republican’s are in full Panic Mode. And, It’s Not Just One Indictment; It’s FOUR Of Em And, he Will be indicted, and Convicted In ALL Four Of Em He knows it, the entire Legal world knows it; so what’s his Big […]

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