Indictments are now here for

TFG & He / All Criminal Lying

(Bye Bye!)

Republican’s are in full Panic

Mode. And, It’s Not Just One

Indictment; It’s FOUR Of Em

And, he Will be indicted, and

Convicted In ALL Four Of Em

He knows it, the entire Legal

world knows it; so what’s his

Big legal defense? Get losers

to riot. ‘Attacking’ the Courts

isn’t a “Tactic”; it’s admission


he did ALL of these Crimes &

More. If a tiny handful of Ass

Holes Also Want to go to Jail,

Fine by Me. Have at it Idiots!

(They can’t Vote in elections)

And now R’s Want to use the

Government To “punish” D’s

for…….Well. They don’t know

They will Not Uphold the law,

Or Enforce it For R Criminals

They’re all Just Fascist Racist


lyin’ criminals who will all go

down with their racist Savior

NOTE: Ron DouchSantis & TFG, Are Now At Each
others throat. Ron wants It both ways with maga
& they’ll never Pick him. It’s the End for All of Em

Have A Day!

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