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Vote Him Out!

September 25th, 2020

It’s Friday, so eat some fries. Or chips is what They’re Called Over The Pond (Yes it does!) So most importantly, hold your loved ones close. Get ready to Vote, and act like our lives depend on it; cause they do. Vote, Vote, Vote. They Are Scared Have a “safe” weekend!

Booooo’d, 207K Dead & Done…

September 24th, 2020

The Orange Anus Was fully boooooooed as he Tried to Play Politics with A Hero’s (Booooo!) life and rightly so. He was also chanted away with “vote him OUT!” from all the Citizens Watchin’ his Disgusting Display He Deserves Everything Coming. As We deal with 207,000 needlessly dead from COVID over An Asshole/Republicans all doing […]

It seems Republicans Bullshit is now over Well At least when it comes to all medical (Boom!) reality. Dr Fauci isn’t Having Anymore of their Bullshit Lies. He simply Eviscerated R-Rand Paul. What He really Did was kill off all of Trump/Republicans lies about a pandemic they did nothing about. In fact, the Grave Injustice […]

There are just 42 days left until the Orange Menace is ‘Removed’, from Our House. And, (Vote!) It can’t come soon enough. We have every Republican lying about their Actions in the past SCOTUS nominee’s non-stop. And the great People of This Country, aren’t having It. In fact, With R’s Hate, In Doing Nothing about […]

RBG, Only 35% Approve & Barred…

September 21st, 2020

While COVID still rages on Across the World & Republican’s do nothing whatsoever about (“I did nothing”) it we had Big News about some bad financial corruption “laundering $” hurting all markets today. They, are, FUCKED. Detusche Bank & JP Morgan Moved Staggering Sums of “Illicit cash”. WOW. And, As A Nation ‘Mourns’ over the […]

Olivia Troye, RIP & Turnout…

September 18th, 2020

No one will Ever forget the name Olivia Troye. She is A Republican who did the (<-Hero) RIGHT THING. They will Attack Her and they’ll Spew hate/lies at her. And in the end, she will be Vindicated by history & fact. She called out the Evil Hate of this Orange Monster. And now the Very […]

Stand In, Sit Down & Buckle Up…

September 17th, 2020

It seems Mike Pence is Using Scott Walker as a “stand in” for debate prep for Kamala (This much BS) Harris. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh Boy this is Priceless. He & Orange Asshole Are just going to get throttled by reality. Speaking of gettin’ pummeled by reality. The heavy racist One […]

In what can only be Called A Fuck up Of Historic Proportions, During (He Lies) a Town Hall With Orange Idiot, he made things 7 billion times Worse He outright Ignored questions, he lied so many “times” the real time Fact checkin’ took up much of the time & folks (Some who Voted For Trump […]

Science Likes Biden & More Hate…

September 15th, 2020

As I type this, we have reached 200,000 Dead People in Our Country from COVID (<-Hydra) Think about That. At Least 1/2, or More could have been prevented. WTF?!! And Trump/Republicans All Did Nothin’. The world Is literally Burning around us and Our Social/Economic Suffering Is Awful society doesn’t like Trump. Hell most of humanity […]

There is only 50 Days left until the Orange Asshole Is removed From office once & for (Go Away!) all. The Polls Are Hardening. And It is not looking Good, for DickHead Donny. But it all matters not, if everyone doesn’t simply mobilize & VOTE! We have a pandemic, it is Approaching 200,000 Dead. And, […]

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